Saturday, August 28, 2010

Randomness: Snacks and Smoothies

I have backlogged a random assortment of things I wanted to share with you, but they haven't seemed to fit into any of my recent posts. So here it is, a whole post dedicated to randomness. Or, it could just be typical "me" organization. Yeah, that's probably more likely. So lets get on with it!

This smoothie was the BEST smoothie I have ever made. I really mean it. SO good! Did you hear me? You need to make this. And no whining about it being fattening! I drank it, I loved it, it was worth the calories!!! Raspberry mango coconut smoothie. Let the salivating begin!
Start with 1/2 can light coconut milk, then add fruit from a whole mango, a big handful of raspberries and 1 Tbsp chia seeds. The chia seeds give it such a nice thick texture! Blend and enjoy!
It's so pretty!
Here is a bar that I thought I'd try out. Usually I am not a fan of the uber healthy bars because they taste like someone mixed in chalk and some funk scraped from the bottom of their shoe. Then you're expected to pay $5 for the privilege of choking it down.
Not so with this baby! Yum Yum!!!
Pretty darn healthy too! Always a plus. I will SO be buying this brand again. Definitely a winner!

Here is another bar I tried recently.
Yeah. Not so much. Not the wost I have tried, I did eat the whole thing. But probably not worth my money. I am all for healthy snacks, and getting the most possible out of my food. But I do draw the line when I find myself trying not to taste the sticky mass before I swallow, or when I have to convince myself to finish it because I don't want to waste it. I probably won't be buying this one again.
Ready for another smoothie? I thought so! Toss into your blender a frozen banana, 3 heaping Tbsp almond butter, and blend with almond milk until you have a creamy smooth texture. Slurp it down! This is a good one, and I am currently enjoying it as I type!
If I'm speaking of snacks I have to include my all time favorite. Ice cream. After our long Friday night bake Ben and I grabbed a cone to take with us to Medicine beach. 5:30 am, a calm ocean, a brightening sky, my wonderful husband next to me, and an ice cream cone filled with vanilla and maple walnut ice cream sitting in the cup holder. My life is complete!
Now that's a pretty nice way to start the weekend!
Oh, and one more bit of randomness for you, having nothing to do with food that I ate. It does have to do with food to some degree, however. Just ask our zebra finches! They are in a cage in the corner of the living room surrounded by windows. They were making tons of noise suddenly the other evening, and when we went to check it out we discovered a huge owl sitting on the rail of our deck, eying our little birds through the window for his dinner!
What a beautiful bird! Well, the finches probably didn't think so, but we certainly did!
Ok, enough randomness for now. I think I'll go play in the garden, and maybe make some kale chips. After I finish my smoothie, that is. Sluuuuuurp!


  1. I want a glass of that smoothie! Looks so yummy. Yeap, that owl can eat up around 14 birds in one night! No jokes! So, you've to take good care of your pets. You don't want them to go missing the next morning. =o( However, enjoy your day.
    Cheers, kristy

  2. Luckily our birds are inside, and the owls are outside. No real problem. It just freaked our little guys out seeing that huge owl peering at them through the glass! Thanks for the comment! I love hearing from everyone!