Our Pets

My dog Izzie, she loves her tennis ball!

Our pig Dorothy, getting some scratches. Her little tongue is always hanging out. Too cute!

This is Andy, our newest cat. He is an Abyssinian, and about a year old, so still very kitten-y.He's actually kind of a spaz.

This is Zephyr, my Father-in-law's dog. She is my dog Izzies sister.
Here is our other pig, Rufus. He is GIANT! He weighs around 300lbs. He is not much of a people person, but he thinks that B is his mom. 

He used to be MUCH cuter though! 

Why do you think we kept him?!

Here is the crew! Mom, dad, and the two sisters.
 Ozzy. He is kind of a wuss. He's had the best life a dog possibly could, and yet he cowers and is stiff and worried all of the time! This is the perfect picture of him!
 Zoey is quite the wild woman. I think she's where Izzie gets her adventurousness.