Saturday, August 28, 2010

Local and Loving It

Yesterday Ben and I went Blueberry picking! Hurray!
Unfortunately the season was pretty short this year, so we didn't end up with as many as last year. The pickin's were pretty slim (heh, sorry, bad joke). BUT...the weather was perfect, and we were the only people out in the blueberry field. It was so pleasant, just enjoying the fresh air, spending time together, and wandering through the field.
There were lots of berries that were still unripe, so we might try back next week for some more. We'll freeze our haul of berries, and enjoy them throughout the year in smoothies and desserts.
I just love picking my own food. Something about it is very exciting, and calming at the same time. I love the island life!
Beautiful berries!
We ended up with 10 lbs! Not so bad. Now we get to enjoy them! I think Ben wants to make blueberry sherbet. I am all for it! The only way to make fresh blueberries any better would be to add sugar and cream. Yup. That's the truth!
After our foray into the berry field we went home to more local goodness. About as local as it gets. More produce from our yard! My MIL made a nice dinner of fish, rice, zucchini from the garden, and bruschetta with tomato and basil from the yard as well as garlic from down the road.
Sorry for the dark picture. It tasted really good!

Local produce tastes so amazing. Try to find something grown in your area for a dinner this week! It's worth it!

What is your favorite local product?


  1. I'm not sure if they count as local since Lac Saint Jean is about 6 hours away from Montreal, but their blueberries are amazing. I should have bought more this season!

  2. Isn't it great having fresh blueberries?! So glad you got some, hope you're enjoying every delicious one! Thanks for the comment! :)