Monday, August 30, 2010

Pender Islands Fall Fair

Last Saturday was the Pender Islands Fall Fair. I know, it's not quite Fall yet! But it is definitely the beginning of harvest time, so the fair was full of great local stuff!
Here are some of the produce displays entered. Pretty impressive! I can't believe produce this lush and beautiful was grown on-island!

What a collection!
I entered a few things too! One Second place, and two third places! Not too shabby!
Our friends daughters entered a bunch of their animals. They also made absolutely adorable signs to go with each entry. This is Meave's sheep Sally.
The guinea pigs George and Rubius Hagrid.
Plus some of their chickens, which are not pictured. Pretty darn cute!
The baking and flower sections had some great displays to peruse.
I especially loved this cake!
Ben and I had a great time wandering and exploring. It seems like the whole island was there! (that's only about 2500 people). My MIL was working a stand somewhere (food, I think), and my FIL did a shift in the Coastguard tent. They were having waaay too much fun chasing small children with their talking remote control boat. Er, I mean, educating small children with their very friendly boat. Heh. Funny, but kinda sad.

All in all it was a nice day. Got home early and enjoyed our evening. We watched the Prince of Persia, which I LOVED! Totally fun movie! We also saw Astro Boy, which was pretty good too.

When is the fair in you area? Are you going to enter anything?

Hope everyone had a great Monday, I'm off for my first shift of the week tonight, gotta be there at 9:30 pm. It's almost cookie time!


  1. Wow! There were some amazing fruits, veggies.... cakes and animals! I am in love with the lamb named Sally... and I especially loved her very cool poster! My husband has been waiting for me to watch Prince of Persia with him. I have been avoiding it, thinking I may not enjoy it, but on reading this post.... I will give it a go! Glad to find you on foodbuzz! Megan

  2. Looks like SOOO much fun! It's much better when you know all the people. Congratulations on your wins! My class usually enters artwork for our county fair down in Douglas. All the K classes "win" 3rd place ribbons, but last year, we got FIRST! Big excitement for Tipton's Tigers!

  3. Megan, So glad you'll give Prince of Persia a go! I really loved it! Isn't Sally adorable?! She is leash trained, and loves people! So sweet! Great connecting with you on Foodbuzz, thanks for the comment and for checking out the blog!

    Mary, That is great about last years win! Here's hoping for this year too!

  4. lovely looks like fun
    thanks for the add hear from you soon

  5. WOW the products look really great, specially cabbage and white beans :)

  6. What beautiful fruits and veggies! The sheep is too sweet. Wish I lived in area where there were fairs like this!

  7. I`m sad to have missed this year`s fair. Congrats on your ribbons -- what did you enter? Theresa

  8. Hi Theresa. Too bad you missed the fair! It was small, as usual, but lots of fun! I entered some craft items: a fused glass pendant, precious metal clay pendant, beaded bracelet and a handmade card.

    Isn't Pender produce impressive?!