Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

Well hello everyone!

Thanks to all who participated in my first giveaway! I will be letting you know who the winner is...but first, some pictures!

I just wanted to let you know that as much as I enjoy sprinkles, I am not limited to them! What else could be as fun as sprinkles? Well, food coloring of course! This is what happens when I make sugar cookies at work. I swear, I don't know how that much got on me! Must have been from carrying the bottles of color. Bakery camo anyone?
I also took a stroll through our yard this morning, and thought you might like a quick update. The clematis is going crazy! I think it's at least two plants, because there are two varieties of flower. Very pretty, and climbing so high!
The other day Ben and I went out pond-rock hunting. We found the perfect one, and Ben hauled it up to the yard.

He got it all set up in the newly placed pond, and it's lookin' good! He'll put some big rocks around the pond, fill in with ferns and some other plants, and slate around the rim. It'll look so great!
Our sweet peas are flowering now. They smell so sweet (duh)! I love the colors, it's always a surprise! This white with purple rims is a new one! So pretty!
I love the bright pink too.
Ok, I know you're all dying to know who won this cookbook!
I had Ben draw a name out of the bowl. I know, super high-tech!
And look who won! (I just realized that I have dirt under my nails from playing with the dogs! Yuck! Sorry about that! Guess I'll go wash my hands now.)
Congrats Jedopi!!! Please contact me with your shipping info! I will send your new cookbook on over!

Speaking of giveaways, tons of bloggers do it! I just found another over at Chocolate-covered Katie! Check out her site, it's a good one!

I have a few good recipes backed up, so I'll have to share those with you asap! Want a hint as to what's in store? Take a look at the pic under my header! Honey ice cream, comin' at ya!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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