Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dutch Baby

For years my dad would make a special breakfast for me on weekends. It was our thing. Sometimes it was waffles, sometimes a fried egg sandwich. But my favorite was a Dutch baby.
This is an easy but delicious breakfast, impressive looking and fun to eat. There are so many ways to serve it! With jam, with berries, with syrup, or my favorite...powdered sugar and lemon juice.

My dad passed away a few years ago, and I miss him all the time. When I make this breakfast it reminds me of him, and the good times we had. It also reminds me of how much I love butter!
This is a breakfast to enjoy, something special. Don't over-think the butter. Just make it. You'll love it! Here is Dad's recipe.

Dutch baby
3 eggs
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup butter

Pre-heat oven to 425*

Put butter in a cast iron skillet (10", I think) Place pan in the heated oven until butter is melted.
Meanwhile, put eggs into a blender and mix for 1 minute.
While blender is still going slowly pour in the milk. Add the flour, and run for 30 seconds more.
Pour over melted butter, and put in the oven. Bake 25 minutes.
It will puff a LOT!
The edges and top should get some nice color, but not too dark. When you remove it from the oven it will fall. This is normal.
The sooner you eat it the better! Don't let it sit around! We cut ours in half, but you can cut out wedges, or pour the ingredients into two smaller cast iron pans for individual sized Dutch babies.
A sprinkling of lemon juice and powdered sugar and we were ready to dig in!
So delicious!!! I LOVE this breakfast! A great weekend treat! Plus I'm easily amused, and I like to watch it puff up! I also lick my plate when I'm done. Don't judge. You'll see!
Try making a Dutch baby this weekend, and make some family memories of your own!


  1. That looks so yummy! Do you have to have a cast iron skillet?

  2. Sounds SOOOOO yummy--like a giant dessert pop-over! I used to make pop-overs all the time & serve them with butter & honey. But our elevation is too high here & my pop-overs are tough & flat. Boo-hoo! : (

  3. That looks really delish! I`ll have t try it soon. Theresa

  4. Oh my gosh!! This really looks amazing. I'd love to make that this weekend!

  5. I've always wanted to try making one, but I'm kinda intimidated. It looks so tasty!

  6. Really wonderful recipe! Just only for breakfst? For tea time too :)

    Have a great week!


  7. That looks like a great dutch baby (smile)! I love those actually...yum.

  8. Oh my oh my oh my... a fellow butter-lover. Nice to meet you friend. :-) I'll wait for a quiet Saturday and then this will definitely be breakfast. I hope it rains that morning, it'll be lovely to be stuck in the house with a Dutch Baby breakfast and a hot hot cup of tea. Lovely...

  9. That looks so delicious. I could do with one now :) Thanks for the add at foodbuzz. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day. Michael

  10. Sara826, I have never tried it without a cast iron skillet. I would think that a non-stick that is ok in the oven would work fine.

    Jeanne, don't be intimidated! They are SO easy! They are also supposed to have a rustic look, so no worries on how it comes out. Just make sure to eat it, and everything will be fine! :)

    Ann, so glad there are other butter-aholics out there!That sounds like my perfect morning!

    Everyone, thanks for checking out the post! Love hearing from all of you!

  11. That looks amazing :) Sorry about your Father, it is nice that you can still share a favorite breakfast with him in spirit :)

  12. Wow! This looks amazing :) I've been thinking of making a dutch baby, but it's still on the to-do list. Yours looks awesome and totally makes me want to push it up the list!

  13. baking.serendipity, you should totally try it soon! It's the perfect weekend breakfast, and SO yummy! It really takes almost no time. You'll love it!