Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food Baby!

Hey guys, sorry I've been a lazy, bad blogger! And on the week of my first giveaway too! BAD!
Unfortunately, I am totally wiped out right now as Ben and I went to town today. I also have to get up early for my long-a$$ bike ride to work in the morning. I am SO not looking forward to those hill right now!

Anyhoo, here's some food!

I have to say, sometimes I really amaze myself. I went through culinary, and baking and pastry school. And I got my certificates, and I liked it, and I did well! I promise. However, when it comes to the simplest home fare I seem to be completely clueless! What's up with that?!
Ben asked me to grill the corn for dinner the other night. No problem, right? Uh, not if you're me! All you have to do is trim the silk off the end of your corn, and plop it on the grill! That's it! It was too much for me! SAD! I had the grill up too high, and the husks got a bit charred. I thought I was doing so well, turning it, checkin' out my grill marks. Once all sides were dark I went in and told Ben the corn was done. This was about 5 minutes after I put it on. He just gave me one of those looks, and walked me back out to the grill.

Evidently once the grill is heated up you're supposed to turn the heat way down, and shut the lid. A bit of color is ok, but straight up flames coming off the corn is not so good (which is what I had going at one point. oops!). Keep rotating the ears, and let it go for about 15 minutes. Give the corn a little squeeze, and it'll be done when the kernels give a little instead of feeling rock hard.
Now I know. And so do you! So grill that corn!
These bad boys went with the corn. Leftover sloppy veggie melt filling on bread with jarlsburge cheese on top. Ben put them under the broiler until they were gooey and toasty.
PLUS we had huge salads with all kinds of good stuff!
Including this chicken salad my MIL made from the leftover baked chicken! I know, recipes, recipes. I'll get to it!
Not a bad looking tray!
I waded through all the food, but in the end I only ate half the melt, and half the salad. My fantastic grilled corn was the only thing I ate all of. Blaaarg. SO full! I really need to work on my portion sizes! Sheesh!
As if I hadn't punished my body enough, Ben served me my half galette with whipped cream for dessert (much later, thankfully). He made them that afternoon with fresh blueberries. I'll get the recipe up sometime soon.
They were sooooooooo good! I love my husband! How did I not manage to eat all of my dinner, but was able to polish off a huge helping of dessert? Selective fullness? Whatever. It was worth the distended stomach!
Can we say food baby?!

Have you overindulged on anything lately? What was this item that you couldn't hold yourself back from? (I only ask so I can make some for myself!)

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  1. This looks like an amazing meal - but if I ate that much I'd be 200 pounds before I left the table! I noticed you changed the name of your blog - I like it.

  2. =D Thanks! I like it better too, although my address is still the same. I don't think I can change that part. Oh well.

    Yeah, I was afraid to step on the scale, so I've been ignoring it and hoping it will go away. hehe

    You are now entered in my giveaway, too! Thanks!

  3. Oh my, everything looks AMAZING.

    I'm sitting here, having fully overindulged in bellinis from Brown's Social House. Delicious...yes. But SO sugary and I'm feeling a little sick lol!! Now I know better for next time....3 is too many.

  4. Ok, so 2 1/2 bellinis next time? Sounds good! I'll be sure to put your name in the drawing for the free cook book tomorrow!