Friday, August 6, 2010

Girls Night

Sorry i haven't been around the last couple of days. You haven't missed much. I've either been working, sleeping, or stuffing my face with fresh local blueberries. That is all.
Last night was a "girls night" at my friend (and boss) Nora's house. She rounded up all the girls working at, or associated with, the bakery for a pot luck. I love it when she does this! Everyone always brings the BEST food! Not necessarily healthy food, but always delicious!
I wasn't sure what to make, but I knew I wanted to use some of the blueberries from the farm down the road. Unfortunately, I had eaten almost the whole bag I had purchased the day before (that's a 1 lb bag!), so B and I took a nice stroll with Izzie and bought some more.
When we got home I rifled through the fridge, just to see what was available. I decided to make a yogurt and berry parfait type thing, but with a twist on an Indian lassie. (I am still obsessed with lassies after making them last week!)

Lassie Parfait
1 ripe banana
1 lb fresh blueberries
6 large strawberries
1 tsp rose water
1 dash cardamom
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 cup honey
1 650g container of plain low-fat yogurt
cocoa nibs for garnish (if desired)

I started out by getting all my fruit ready. I washed the blueberries and strawberries, and cut up the strawberries and banana. Then in a smaller bowl I mixed the yogurt, rose water, cardamom, vanilla and honey.
Once all was ready, I started layering it into my bowl. Start with a layer of yogurt, then spread berries and banana to create a solid layer. Put on more yogurt mixture, then more know how it goes! It seems that I didn't distribute everything equally, so my layers kept getting smaller, but it created a nice effect. The very top was a blob of yogurty goodness with fruit spread all over, a heavy sprinkling of cocoa nibs, and some mint and flowers from the garden. As an after thought I drizzled on some more honey. Can't hurt, right?!
I really wish I had a clear glass bowl, or something else fancy that would have shown the layers. I guess that'll just be on my shopping list next time I go to town. I stuck the bowl in the fridge to chill until party time.
Girls night was a blast! There were 8 of us, ranging in age from teens to mid 60's. A good crowd! Here's some of the tastiness that was tempting me!
One friend made amazing shish-kabobs (or however you spell that), and I demolished one of the giant things all by myself, and that's on top of who knows how many crackers with dip/cheese, olives, and pickled green beans! Never ending yumminess!
What?! There were mushrooms on these kabobs?! In general I am a cooked mushroom hater. They are just so slimy and slug-like! Not a fan. But these were grilled to perfection, and so meaty and flavorful! I surprised myself! I guess it pays to keep trying things. Here's to my changing palate!

The sky has been kinda smokey lately, which is not good, but it sure made the setting sun a brilliant and beautiful orangey color! See it hiding in the trees?
OH NO! More food?! These nachos were to die for! If they're all stuck together, then it's just one nacho, right? Right!
I think this was my favorite thing, guacamole hummus! It was so smooth, flavorful, and garlicky! The toasted cashews on top made it! I have GOT to ask Nancy for this recipe!
While I was downing the food like it was my last meal I had to restrain myself with the offered drinks. I only had a glass of wine, and a teeny tiny glass of pomegranate liqueur. At 9:15 B pulled up to take me to work. Yes, that's right, my ladies night was cut short because I had to go to work! Bummer! Oh well, I like hangin' with the guys too!

Thanks for a night of great food, friends and fun ladies!

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