Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fellow Foodie Bites #3

This is just a quick post, because I was looking at my list of recipes I want to try, and it is getting looong!!! Just thought I'd share, in case you wanted to try these too!

Fellow Foodie Bites #3
-These vegan bars look like they'd be a great snack to have sitting around the house.
-This chocolate milkshake sounds so decadent!
-I am on an ice cream roll right now, and we have blueberries! This would be perfect to try!
-I love cupcakes, and I want to try ALL of these!
-Muffins are always an easy thing to make, and these zucchini ricotta ones look so moist!
-I have been making burgers like nobodies business lately. These sweet potato chickpea burgers sound great!
-Tons of great meal ideas here! Well, 8 to be exact.
-I have read about these kale chips before, and this recipe sounds amazing! I want to make them NOW!

Hope you find something you like here!

Just this evening left to comment and enter for the giveaway! Get to it!

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