Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exercise and More Blueberries

Hello, all! Hope it's as beautiful a day where you are as it is here! Gorgeous!
Last nights dinner was pretty darn tasty! My MIL made a roasted chicken and baked sweet potatoes, and Ben sauteed up some tiny green beans. I put some peanut sauce on my chicken, it was such a comforting meal on a rainy evening.
We watched 3 movies last night, none of which were that spectacular. Operation End Game was a funny-ish actiony movie, but utterly forgettable. Literally. I just had to ask Ben what movie we watched! Second was The Cove, an informative movie about the sickening slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Not a pretty sight. Very disturbing. But very accessible to the public, fact based, and well made. We had t take a break after that one! Finally, we watched Young Sherlock Holmes, which was a pretty funny one, but plenty entertaining in a goofy kinda way.

Dessert accompanied the movies. We had fresh blueberries with a light sprinkling of sugar, and waaay too much heavy cream. This was originally supposed to be served on top of the tapioca pudding Ben's mom made, but we had too many blueberries in our bowls, so the pudding was a side dish. Wow, dessert with a side dish. Could be a hint that there was too much there...naw, just kidding!
Yeah, I ate all of that! Nom nom nom! We pretended to work some of it off by taking a movie break and strolling through the mist, but come on, we would have had to run 10 miles to work off that much cream!

This mornings breakfast centered around blueberries again (what a surprise). I had hemp seed and flax oatmeal with chia seeds and cocoa nibs, blueberries and a big dollop of Nutella. This was SO filling, and beyond delicious! Breakfast is turning into my favorite meal of the day, besides dessert that is.
Once I was able to move after eating all that goodness I decided to go on a short bike ride to the ocean, as the morning was just beautiful.
I rode out to Peter Cove, then around to Starvation Bay. The tide was pretty far out, and the water was looking a bit scummy. Not the best smell, either. But, in general, it was an enjoyable little jaunt on the beach.
The way there is all downhill, so of course the way home is tons of work. We live on top of a hill, so it's always uphill to home, no matter where you're coming from. I do think I'm getting a little better with the bike riding. I made it up all the hills without gasping for breath too much. Not bad!
When I got home my dog Izzie let me know how mean it was of me to go for a ride without her, so I decided to take her on a walk to see if there was anything good at any of the produce stands on our road.
We stopped for a photo shoot of Izzie, because she's SO cute! No other reason needed.

I rest my case!

None of the stands had anything, but we admired the pretty garden.
It was warmer than I thought it'd be, so by the time we got home I was sticky, and Izzie was panting. I made a smoothie to cool me down. It had plain yogurt, almond milk, frozen blueberries and raspberries,and a packet of omega oils.
All was going fine, until I took the lid off the blender just that little bit too soon. Um, yeah. The smoothie attacked me, and won. Not a pretty sight.
After cleaning up the projectile smoothie I poured two large glasses of berry goodness and plopped in my new stainless steal straws! I've been dying to try them! They work so well, and I like the way they feel. Plus, I can just stick them in the dishwasher! Score!
Izzie hung out with me while I made messes in the kitchen. I think she was pretty worn out!

I took the smoothies out to Ben where he was working in the yard. We sat around sipping for a while, then I helped him do some digging for our pond. That made me hungry, of course, so back to the kitchen I went. I mashed a whole avocado, then put about 1/2 cup of my roasted red pepper hummus in and mushed it all together. I have to say, this made a pretty satisfying snack schmeared all over some cracker! Too bad Ben raided my plate, getting away with 2 of my crackers!

At this point in the day we're thinking of dinner ideas. Maybe some big salads with leftover chicken, and some corn on the cob. Yup, sounds like a plan!

Have a good evening, everyone!

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