Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fresh and Local

This morning my breakfast granola & yogurt was enhanced by a heavenly slice of fresh strawberry galette! Now that's the way to start my day off right!
Then, to make the morning even better, a package arrived for me. A while back I ordered some metal and some glass straws. With all my smoothie consumption I figured reusable straws were the way to go. I haven't actually tried them yet, but I am SO excited!
After our wonderful morning B and I went out for some errands. On the way home I noticed that the blueberry farm had it's stand up again, so we stopped.

They rebuilt their stand from last year, and it's looking cute!

I think I almost peed my pants when I saw the bags of fat juicy berries waiting for me.

I LOVE blueberries, and these are so fresh!

When we got home I stuck them in the fridge for later.

Later in the day I decided to go out for a walk with Izzie. I thought I had seen some items at another roadside stand when we were out, so we walked there.

All of the thistles along the road are blooming now, and despite what others say, I think they are really pretty!

So purple!

I think the bees agree with me!

This house usually sells mostly flowers, but they sporadically sell other bits of produce. Izzie and I walked the mile and a half in the heat, and were happy to see the stand around the corner.

I was right, they had some kale out today! I have really been wanting to try kale. I know it's a very healthy leafy green, and I know that the only time I've tried it it was beyond bitter and totally nasty. This being so fresh and local, I decided to give kale another try.

Only $2! Score!

All of these little stands are serve yourself. This little money box was too cute!

The kale might have fared a little better in the heat if I had brought a bag, but instead I carried them all the way home in my sweaty little hand, and a couple leaves got a little bruised. I set them in a glass of water when we got home, and it seemed ok.

Of course I sat right down to find out what I would be making for dinner using my newly acquired kale! It's so pretty and green, it's gotta be good, right?! Here's hoping!

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