Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Company that Cooks

This weekend we had company visiting us from California. Sunday afternoon a family of four, plus two dogs, showed up at our house! Holly, Rob, Sidney and Audrey had been favorite customers of Ben's when he worked at the Flying Goat in Healdsburg, California. They were on a trip North, and thought they'd say hi. It was so wonderful spending time with them.

After a long day of travel you'd think they would have wanted to flop on a couch and put their feet up, but they started hauling grocery bags out of their car and took over the kitchen! Holly and her wonderful girls were a whirlwind of action, making salad, corn on the cob and preparing the chicken.
Holly also made some amazing roasted potatoes with a chive sour cream! *drool*
Rob grilled the corn and chicken, and Ben used a cedar plank for grilling a small fresh salmon we had.
I broke out some mood lighting for the deck. We ate outside because it was waaay too hot inside.
It was all so inviting! And the food made me salivate! What a treat!
My plate of goodness.
We also had a quartet of ice creams with fresh blueberries for dessert. Talking extended all the way until after midnight! Great company!

The next day we took them on a tour of the island.We stopped at quite a few beaches along the way, enjoying the great weather. Bernie and Honey enjoyed themselves thoroughly! Another great meal ensued.
We were sad to see them all go this morning, and we will miss them. So glad they stopped by to see our island home! Thanks for your delicious food, stimulating conversation, shared interest in crafting, video games and books, generosity, and overall good company. You are welcome back any time!
Ooh, who's that blond guy lurking in the upper left hand corner? He he, hope I don't get in trouble for that one! But really, isn't he cute?!

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