Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mango Cream

Hello, all!

So after my panna cotta fail yesterday I was really in the mood for some sort of good cold desserty like thing. We still had some mangoes left from our shopping trip, so I started leafing through cookbooks looking for recipes. I ended up finding something good in this book.
I use this book SO often! It's a great resource, not to mention all the great recipes! So I decided on mango cream, because it just sounded so amazingly good!

I followed this recipe to a T because it's my first time making it. I often wait to change a recipe until I've tried it once and know how it comes out. My only change was to add a small splash of vanilla.

First I pureed the mango and lime juice together and set it aside. It was such a luscious color!

Then I started the milk and sugar heating.

I also got the cornstarch ready to go with a little water.

Once the milk was almost simmering I added the cornstarch. Once added, it took quite a while for the milk to thicken, maybe 8 minutes, but it did! I let the milk mixture thicken a bit, then spooned half of it into 4 wine glasses. I added 2 layers each of the milk and the mango, and it looked bright and cheery! For a garnish I added a few of my fresh blueberries and a sprig of mint.
Not bad, if I do say so myself!

I just had to take these beauties out for a photo shoot!

I stuck them in the refrigerator to chill so they'd be ready for dessert. I promise I didn't eat any! Ok, well I just licked the bowl... and pot, and blender, and spoon. None should be wasted, right?! I have to say, these turned out looking so beautiful! And as they always say:waiting is the hardest part! I couldn't wait for dessert!

It was worth it though! These were cold, smooth and creamy. The mango lime layer was tangy, the thickened milk (I used 1 %) was surprisingly thick and tasty, and the blueberries really added a fresh pop in my mouth. This is definitely a keeper!!! YUM!

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  1. Hello there... i always have a sweet tooth and can't wait to try this mango cream. i love mango! your pictures are terrific!