Monday, August 2, 2010

An Out and About Kind of Day

Yesterday was an out-and-about kind of day. After my breakfast of yogurt and granola I decided to head out on a bike ride. Our house is on a long spit, very close to the end, so we can easily walk or ride out to the ocean whenever we want.
I just rode to the look out bench. The islands in the distance are actually in the U.S., that's how close we are to the border!

It was such a nice day out!

The way to the ocean is all down hill, so you can imagine that by the time I got home I was out of breath and hot from going back up all the hills. Good exercise! So I made myself a smoothie. I wanted to try out one of my packets of smoothie vitamin enhancers, so I pulled one of those out. Here's what went into the blender.
Frozen blueberries, leftover fruit salad, fresh spinach, rice milk, and a vegan smoothie packet.
I was so ready to drink this! It looked sooo good!

But then it so wasn't. I am NEVER buying that brand of smoothie vitamin mix again. It made everything taste chalky and almost bitter. GROSS! I could only manage to drink half of it before it went down the toilet. B made a terrible face and hated it too. So disappointing! It was so promising too!

While I was sipping the nastiness in my glass I wandered around our yard, checking out the plants, searching for new blooms. My jasmine is doing so well! It's almost made it to the top of it's stake!

Then I found these awesome mushrooms just coming up. they are huge!

We have a small veg garden going, but it got started so late. We do have a few green tomatoes though. Hopefully they'll ripen.

This is a cute little succulent we planted. It's blooming! Isn't that just the coolest little flower?! We had never seen this variety before. (The snail shell is decorative only, it's inhabitant has been evicted!)
This is a wild-ish area of the yard, and we've got native wildflowers mixed in with the stuff we've planted. Daisies, rose campion, curry, lavender and who know's what else. Very pretty, though!
I was happy to see that my wisteria is finally sending out shoots of new growth.

My rose from B is blooming like there's no tomorrow!
And B and his dad finished the fence around the yard! They have been working on it for SO long! It looks great!
It's nice to see that all of our plants are finally starting to fill in. It's been fun starting a giant yard from scratch! Can't wait to see what it'll look like in the years to come!

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