Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ben's Nawesome Sloppy Veggie Melt

That's right! I have officially been given permission to use my husbands real name! I felt like such a nerd calling him "B" that I begged...and it worked!

What, you want to see a picture? Well, lets not get greedy. One step at a time! Oh, and I do realize that my post title says "nawesome". This is the new phrase that Ben has coined. Today we were talking, and he started to say "nice", but finished with saying "awesome". And there we have it, the new catch phrase that will be sweeping the blogosphere!

To celebrate the release of the name BEN, I am featuring the recipe he made up for our dinner last night! It was sooo good! We are totally having this, often! We really needed to use up small bits of veggies in the fridge, so it's kind of a clean-out recipe. You can use whatever veggies you have laying around. This particular mix was very flavorful.
He started out by sauteing some onions until they started to carmelize. While they were in the pan he chopped away, getting all of the other veggies ready. He used frozen corn, sliced mushrooms, chopped onion, canned black beans, grated zucchini, and chopped sun dried tomatoes.
As each veggie took different amounts of cooking time, he did them all individually, sauteing then removing from the pan. Once everything was done he tossed it all back in the pan together, added s&p, and a dash of cumin. He stirred until all was hot and well seasoned.
Meanwhile, he split 2 whole wheat hamburger buns in half, and spread each half with my roasted red pepper hummus. A big scoop of the sauteed veggies went on next, followed by a couple slices of cheese (we used extra old for the great flavor). All four of these open faced mounds of deliciousness were put onto a baking sheet, and stuck under the broiler until the cheese was melty and just browning, about 2 minutes.
I made a fruit salad ( I know, I should be sick of them by now, but they're just so GOOD!) and, and put it in bowls for everyone. All dished up it was a good lookin' meal!
We decided that it's kind of like sloppy joes, hence the name "sloppy veggie melt". This could be different each time you make it, varying veggie types and seasonings. It was surprisingly filling too! I just love it when an experiment turns into a family favorite! Nawesome!

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