Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fellow Foodie Bites #4

Hullo all! Here is a quick look at some things on my "to try" list from other blogs. There is SO much good stuff out there! Click the links for some great ideas on meals, snacks and desserts!

Fellow Foodie Bites #4

-Here are some Lara Bar inspired balls that sound like the perfect snacking item!

-This is a Buttermilk Farro salad recipe. I'm always looking for new things to try, and I've never tried farro! Could be good!

-Bucatini with basil and cherry tomatoes! This is so beautiful, and looks like a wonderful fresh meal.

-Kale chips are on my list for sure! I even have the kale waiting! I have seen lots of various recipes for kale chips floating around. Not sure which to try!

-Roasted corn, lima bean and feta salad! I hadn't ever thought of putting lima beans in a salad

-This blueberry chia pudding has the most amazing color! I need to use up my blueberries too!

Sorry, that was a crazy build up of stuff for you to check out! But there are just so many great recipes out there, and my fellow bloggers are so creative! Hope you find something scrumptious to make!

One more thing before I go, I want to introduce to you Genuine Kelly! This is a brand new blog, by my good friend Kelly. She is into movies and entertainment as well as food, so it's sure to be good! So far she has the important stuff out of the way: grilled cheese sandwiches and Danny kaye. Can't wait to see what she'll do next! You know you want to check it out!!!!

Now Ben and I are off to explore the open house at Charmin' Farm, the garlic farm down the road. don't worry, you can't smell my breath through my posts!


  1. What a fun thing to do...Looking forward to see how they come out for you :)

  2. I made my own version of the kale chips yesterday. I need to work on the seasoning, but they are GOOD! So many options! Anything you want to try on that list?