Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glo Bar's Galore!

Hello, all!

Yesterday was my super long double shift day, so no post. I did my usual 6.5 mile bike ride to work in the morning, and it was early enough that the heat hadn't set in yet, so it was very pleasant. I think I'm even improving a bit! Hurray!

I grabbed a Glo bar for breakfast. So chewy and good!

At work with Nora we spent the day getting ready for our wholesale orders. I made cheesecake, both for orders and for the shop. I wanted to eat it ALL! I adapted my usual cheesecake recipe, and ended up with chocolate swirl cherry cheesecake! Almost like black forest cheesecake, but not.
Lunch break at work consisted of a green salad with cucumber, carrot and grape tomatoes and some raspberry vinaigrette. I also had a whole wheat wrap with feta hummus shmeared all over! Pretty darn tasty!

When I got home from that shift I totally PASSED OUT! Oh, 4 hour naps, you are my favorite!

Dinner was leftover curry from the other night but with peas and shrimp added in, still beyond amazing! We also had a big bowl of cantaloupe on the side. Melon is a delightfully refreshing way to end a meal!
Off to work again, night shift with the guys this time. I love our night shifts, they are so laid back, even though we get mad amounts of product made. Last night I confiscated control of the ipod, so it turned into a David Bowie rock out! Ooooh wa wa wa wa wa wa wa Gooolden Years!
Among all kinds of other guilt inducing items, I made more cupcakes, which means more SPRINKLES! All kinds of fun! The pics didn't turn out so hot, but here's a few anyway.

Cupcakes as far as the eye can see!
I'm feeling kinda dumb, because B just informed me that there is a macro setting on my little camera. DUH! Awesome. How did I not know about this?! Guess I won't be complaining about blurry close-ups any more!

We made a quick stop at Medicine Beach on the way home at 4 am. Very calm and cool out, the perfect after-work chill out. Ahhh. Then we went home. And I passed out again. I heart you, sleep!

Woke up this morning and tore into my stash from the health food store in Sidney. I grabbed the Hemp instant oatmeal, chia seeds, and cocao nibs.

This was probably the best bowl of oatmeal I've ever had! I might mix in a spoonful of nut butter next time, too.

I got caught up on my blog reading, as I didn't have time for that yesterday either, and now I'm just polishing off another Glo bar. These babies are good! I just had Heaven: coconut carob brownie bomb. A bit sweeter than the last one, but such a treat of a snack!

Amazing how you can read the label when I use the MACRO mode. (*eye roll*)

Now that my energy is back I'm off to do my workout. B is down the hill doing manly things with his tractor, so I'll have to go check out his progress there at some point too. Have a happy day all!

What is your go-to quick snack to regain some energy?

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