Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Bakery, For Kelly

My good friend Kelly and i go way back to Junior college in California. We were in band together, went through the same culinary school, and were travel buddies in England and Scotland. I have fond memories of watching Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth, of course) with her in her little apartment, and trying to get in some pilates in between segments. I think we pretty much just ate food though. :)

Anyway, now she lives in L.A., and I'm up here in British Columbia on a little island. She was asking about the bakery I work at, so this post is for her.

Here is Pender Island Bakery. My home away from home.

Last night I had to re-stock the cookie case after a busy weekend. There are so many tourists here on the islands during the on-season, it gets CRAZY!

So, here's what I was up to last night.

Lemon poppyseed cookies with lemon vanilla filling.

Ginger sparkles

Everything cookies (a new recipe that i'm working on, not quite perfected yet.)

GIANT double chocolate mint sandwich cookies

Chocolaty walnut brownies (yum!)

Hazelnut chocolate thumbprints

Decorated sugar cookies (for the kiddos)

Plus, I also made a full sheet pan each of butter tarts and cranberry pecan tarts, AND two different types of pie filling! Oh yeah! Not bad for a 6 1/2 hour shift!

I don't really have any great shots of inside, but you get the idea. I really like working here because I have the freedom to try new things all the time! I'm always doing something different, and it really makes coming to work so much easier! I also love that i'm using the certificates I went to school for. Unfortunately I tend to taste test quite a few items, but if that's the down side, then it can't be that bad!

If any of these things look like something you want a recipe for, let me know. I'll be sharing the everything cookie recipe once it's perfected.

What is your favorite bakery item?

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