Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Market Madness

Yesterdays bike ride was so enjoyable that i thought i'd do it again today. I set off, and made it to Magic Lake, but felt like going farther. I ended up at Medicine Beach Market. This little place hasn't been around too long, so i've only been in a couple of times. They are devoted to whole, organic and natural foods. They also have a mini bakery where they make breads and cookies. They also have a tiny produce section where they sell produce from the island when it's available.

I am a sucker for shopping, and i can browse like there's no tomorrow! This cute little store has all sorts of fun finds mixed in with the regular food, and i found myself mesmerized by a collection of bright little paintings by a local artist. In the end i had to buy one, so its a good thing they were so tiny! I piled a few more things into my basket, payed and went outside to re-hydrate and munch on my energy cookie from their cookie counter.

Here's the loot!

The Mash soda was refreshing in a grapefruit flavor, but i found myself wishing i had bought some water instead. It really reminded me of those old Koala drinks, if anyone knows what i'm talking about. The cookie was surprisingly tasty, and didn't taste as healthy as i hope it was. I think it had oats, coconut, poppy seeds, and nut butter in it, but that's just guessing. Does anyone out there have a really good health/energy cookie recipe?

I have been searching for a coin purse, and they had these super cute felted ones, so i nabbed one of those.

I also discovered Sesame Sprinkle, which says it's for all kinds of food, but i bought it specifically for popcorn. It's got sesame seeds, sea vegetables, salt and a couple other things. I can't wait to try it!

I've been wanting to try smoked tofu, so i grabbed a package of that, and was happy to note that this specific brand was from salt spring island, just a very short ferry ride away from home!

See that island on the far right with the big hilly mountain thing? That's Salt Spring Island, and this is the view of it from Pender. Pretty darn close!
Lets see, what else did i get? Oh yeah...uh, i don't know how these got into my basket, cuz i don't buy soda. Oh well, now that i have them i'll just have to save them for a float on the next hot day!

Finally, here's Arnold! Yes, the cute painting i chose off the wall was this little crab. His front arms and claws are so big, and Predator is so fresh in my mind, that his name immediately became Arnold. Isn't he just the cutest little guy?!

I made it home a little slower than yesterday, as my legs were still kinda sore. I found Arnold a home in our room, then went for a little snack. Yup, leftovers again! But man is that stuff good! I had the black bean and corn quinoa salad with a spoonful of hummus and few cubes of my new smoked tofu.

This stuff was mouth wateringly (is that even a word?!) good! I thought it'd have an odd texture, but it was firm, smooth and flavorful. Score! B tried a cube, thought about it, and then couldn't keep his hands out of my bowl! It wasn't cheap, but i'll have to buy this again sometime. It's pretty filling, and seems like it'd go a long way, so it'll be worth it.

Looking back on all the stuff i bought i'm sort of wondering if i fell into a temporary (hopefully) sort of madness. Seriously! Thank goodness i stopped when i did, or i wouldn't have made it up those hills on my bike, that's for sure! When i try the other stuff i'll let you know how it is.

Tuesday nights i have our room to myself because B works, and i don't. Sounds like a good time for bad girly movies! Oh yes! Tonights choice is My Bollywood Bride. Never seen it, don't know much about it, but i LOVED Bride and Prejudice, so i'm hoping for something similar. At least there's nobody here to see me if i have to dance to the Bollywood beats!

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