Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone Else's Recipes

Today was a pretty laid back day. Slept in, recovered from company, puttered about the house. B and I made a short trip out to go get some free supplies from a neighbor. They had this great stuff for sound deadening that they were done with. Free materials for our apartment?! SCORE!

Later I decided to try out a couple of recipes that I'd found on blogs that I follow. A while ago I saw this posted recipe for banana spelt muffins, and it just sounded so good. So I got myself some spelt flour and invaded the kitchen.

Here is the link to the original post and recipe. The only thing that I did differently was to add some vanilla, and I used dark chocolate chips instead of nuts. They turned out great!

I took my recipe into the kitchen with me...kinda scary! Someone should make covers for crazy people who bring their laptops into the kitchen!

I didn't have any ground flax seed, just whole, so i used our (clean) spice grinder to make it into a flour consistency. Worked great!

I followed the recipe, and got my two bowls of ingredients ready to mix together.

I don't think the original recipe called for muffin papers, but I used them...I wish I hadn't! My muffins stuck to the paper quite a bit. Just don't do it! They would have come out of the pan just fine...oh well.

I scooped the batter into the tins using an ice cream scoop. I use these at the bakery too. It keeps everything the same size, so it all bakes consistently.

Then I topped them, and into the oven they went! What?! Psht! NOOooooOO! Those aren't chocolate sprinkles on my healthy muffins...Oh, wait, yeah they are. He he. I just like sprinkles, ok? Everything is better with sprinkles!

They baked perfectly in about 35 minutes. YUM! I had to eat one right away, and B ate one too. Pretty darn good! I think these will be breakfast and snack favorites for the next few days. I might even slather some peanut or almond butter on one...drool!

For dinner tonight we mostly had leftovers of all the food we prepared for our company. We needed a vegetable side though, so I tried out another blogger recipe. It was a really easy one for more flavorful frozen peas. I swear I took a picture of these peas, but, genius that I am, I think I erased them from my camera without putting them onto my computer first! Doh!!

They turned out pretty tasty. Here's the link, if you want to try them out yourself. Very fast and easy with very few ingredients.

I might just be having a muffin for dessert!

It's Tuesday night again, and I've got our room to myself as B is at work. What am I watching tonight? Probably Memoirs of a Geisha, and some Sex and the City. I read the book of Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a fast and easy read, but very entertaining, and a deeper look into a world I didn't know much about. Fascinating! I hope they did a good job with the movie!

Tomorrow I have to get up early and ride my bike to work. At least I'll be getting some much-needed exercise in! Night all!


  1. I'm so glad you added me on FoodBuzz, because now I can follow your blog- I love it! Your dog is so cute, too (and you have pig!! How cool!)

  2. :D Glad to have a friend out there! Thanks for checking out my blog! I agree, my dog is probably the cutest fuzz ball out there...but I think I'm kinda biased! We actually have 2 pigs, Rufus and Dorothy, but I don't have all the pics up yet. Hope to hear from you again!