Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sprinkles and Sunrise

Oh, man! I am so backed up as far as blogging! I'll try to keep it short!

On Friday night B and I went in to work. That was the same day as our errand trip to Victoria. We got off the ferry, went home and ate, then went to work. At the store in Victoria I bought some sprinkles (ok, I bought like 5 containers of sprinkles). I have been wanting them at work, so I figured I'd just buy what I wanted myself.

In honor of the sprinkles I decided to make cupcakes. My work-excuse is that cupcakes are a good way to use up all those little bits of colored buttercream from cake orders. But really, it's just an excuse for sprinkles. I made chocolate cupcakes, and used half chocolate buttercream, and half pink vanilla buttercream.

I was so excited about the sprinkles that I had to use some of each type.

I think they turned out pretty cute! Hope people decide to buy them!

Hurray! Sprinkles! (I know, I'm easily amused. But they just make me so happy!)

Ok, enough of that! No, more!

So, after the sprinkle fest I finished off all the other things I had to make for the night. It was a long one, as our last shift of the week always is. I thought I was pretty tired, what with being up for at least 24 hours with one 2 hour nap, and all that on only 2 1/2 hours of sleep to start with. But on our way home, about 5:30-6am-ish, the sun was just coming up, and everything was beautiful!

B pulled in at Oaks Bluff, which is a great hiking trail on our road home, and told me that we were going up to check it out. I grumbled a bit about hiking in my zombie-like state, but he convinced me. I'm so glad he did!

The trail is pretty much all up hill, lots of stairs and switch-backs.

The higher up we got, the lighter it got.

We went to a couple of the different look out points. It's all right on top of the bluff (hence the name "oaks bluff"), and looks out on the surrounding islands. Kind of magical.

This is a wild flower we found. It was so cute!

Beautiful shot, see the floating mountain?

This is cool too, it was clear enough to see the snow on the Olympic mountains!

B started an impromptu photo shoot of me, not really my favorite. Lucky for you I won't be upload most of these!

He really wouldn't stop!

Here are a few more shots that I just couldn't deprive you of!

Pretty sunspots on the way back down the hill.

Then we went to SLEEP!

I got up about 9 hours later and had this. Banana spelt muffin, plain yogurt with strawberries and raspberries, and my mug of jasmine green tea.

The day was so pretty that I spent most of it outside instead of blogging. Sorry, I'm realizing that this was NOT short, as I had promised you. But I obviously had some fun with the camera! It was a great start to the weekend!

Do like to take random photos on your digital camera, just in case they turn out cool? He he, I do, I do! How do you like to kick off your weekends?

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  1. So pretty! I'm fairly new to the cupcake scene, although not to cooking! Tell me how you do the frosting!