Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brunch and Jellies

Last night's sleep totaled at 6 hours. I'm a 8-10 hour kinda girl. This makes for a sleepy Rowie! But getting up was worth it today because all six of us went out to brunch at Poet's Cove, Pender Island's fanciest restaurant/resort.
We all chose the breakfast buffet, which was a good thing! I know that choosing the buffet at restaurants is bad as far as the amount of food typically consumed, and this time was no different, but it was all so fun to browse through! I started out with a small piece of fresh bread with smoked salmon, an apricot, and pancakes with fresh berries and a little syrup! And that was only my first trip through the line! Obviously this is a splurge kinda weekend.

Here's my plate of goodness.

We had a pretty nice view of the marina too. Not bad!

After two more trips through the buffet line, and a few bites of chocolate mousse cake later(that's right, I ate cake for breakfast! Don't judge me!), we all decided to take a stroll down by the boats. The day was so sunny and pleasant!

The waterfall on the left is part of the spa, there's a steam cave underneath it, and a hot tub just below it. Such a nice place to relax!

Just across the water, behind that big boat, is our property and home. We can see Poet's Cove when we walk down to the water(and unfortunately hear it too)!

There were all sorts of things swimming around in the water today...

like little fish...

and jelly fish!

Hello jellies!

Poet's Cove is quite the resort. Float planes come in all the time, which is unfortunate because they are obnoxiously loud. The marina was going crazy today, as it was a weekend and so nice out. We saw so many boats going by!

There was a nice pic of me and B, but he has requested to not be pictured (which is unfortunate because he's so darn cute!), so I respected that wish. Now you have to see a picture of just me!

Uh oh. I think I see last nights pie and ice cream sticking out a bit there. Sigh.

After Poet's Cove we all went out to Gowlland Point beach to catch a glimpse of Mt. Baker. We didn't have much luck on that one, it was getting a bit foggy so we couldn't see very far. It was pretty anyway!

Now B and I are back home, while the in-laws and the grandparents are still out and about. It's quiet time here for me, and tractor time for B (he just got a john deer a couple months ago and is like a little boy playing with his Tonka toys.). I have my feet up, my dog napping next to me, and a healthy smoothie for lunch. I was so full that's all I wanted to eat.

I put in frozen raspberries, a white peach,vanilla rice milk, a scoop of hemp protein powder, and about 1/2 cup of spinach. Add a straw and a berry to munch and I'm set! I think these flowers wanted some too!

Now I can't decide...nap or exercise? I should probably get off my bum and sweat a little. That dessert is still haunting me!

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