Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Sleep + Errands = Starbucks

Yesterday was a looong day! Because of the work schedule B and I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep before getting up to make it to the 8am ferry sailing. It was errand day in Victoria (our closest big city), and we had a lot to do!

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to show you a pic of the curry chickpea burgers I made for dinner the other night. They were as tasty as they looked, and i WILL be making them again!

Ok, so I was too tired to come up with a good-for-me type of breakfast. In fact, I was so tired that I forgot to make my green tea, which meant I was pirating B's coffee all morning ;). He was nice enough to pretend not to notice. He also brought me a pastry from that nights bake-off...unfortunately it was my favorite. Raspberry bree croissant! OH NO! I ate the entire thing! It was oh so good, and I could feel the fat from butter and cheese oozing as I bit in. Guess there will be some exercising going on this weekend!

We got onto the ferry, and both passed out for the 45 minute ride. I know it was beautiful out, but sleep is a beautiful thing too!

It was a pretty hot day, and with all of our running around added to the lack of snooze time we decided to stop at Starbucks, which is NOT something we usually do. I behaved myself, while still getting an indulgent treat. Tall non-fat mocha frappacino with no whip. That's me.

It was a little on the sweet side, but it hit the spot!

In all of our travels throughout the day we happened to stop at the new Best Buy in Victoria. We didn't realize that it was THE opening, and we had showed up about 10 minute before they busted open the doors! It was a total mob scene! For some terrible reason we were curious, and ended up around the block at the back of the line. Luckily we only stood there the 10 minutes, and then they just let everyone in. They were having some great sales, which is why we stopped in. We got Avatar on blu-ray for $10!! Score! I also got a classic video game, just for fun.

I really wanted to go to Michell's farm stand, a great place to buy local produce. We ran out of time, and had to skip it. Until next time. sigh. There it goes.

Yes, that was a blurry out the window of a moving truck picture. Sorry.

We did have time to stop in at Marigold, a great nursery near the ferries.

B got this beautiful rose tree for me! It smells divine! I love the vibrant color too. It's called Sunsprite. Cute!

With our truck weighted down with the fruits of our shopping labors we finally pulled up to the ferry terminal. We have to get there SO early now because of all the on-season tourist action. Grr. We both slept while waiting. I also checked out one of the new giant ferries. Huge, but cool!

The weather was hot and clear, it would have been beautiful from the deck on the ferry, but once again sleep won. We were awakened by the ferry horn once, and then again by the announcement that we had arrived at Otter Bay, Pender Island. Home!

I have lots more to share, but I want to get out and enjoy the pretty day first! Bye for now!

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