Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July

Today I went on an outing to Sidney, a cute little ocean side town a short bus ride from the ferry. The weather was gorgeous, so I had to take some island shots. I just love all the little islands scattered around between the mainland and Vancouver Island.

I mostly ran errands in town, went to a hair appointment, spent money I shouldn't have. You know, the usual.

I had a great time browsing and finding new things at the little natural foods store. I brought home quite the bag of loot! I'll show you soon!

Isn't that mist beautiful?!

Sidney has a main street that runs out into the ocean. There are attractive walking paths along the ocean, and a pier. At the end of the pier is a fish market...guess where I went?!

I am beyond excited about my fish! I walked in to the market, and the man behind the counter was in the middle of cutting up some halibut filets. That was EXACTLY what I wanted. It was so incredibly fresh, and a good price to boot!

The fish market was my last stop in town. I made it a short day, and took the 2:20 ferry home. That fish needed to get home fast!

Riding the ferry is such a comfortable and relaxing way to travel! I had a quick snack and read my book.

cinnamon apple chips, and some dried mango. (some of my stash from the market!)

If possible, it was even prettier on the ferry ride home. Sometimes I am still astonished that I actually live here! It's like that Talking Heads song...I look at my [handsome husband], and my beautiful house, and I ask myself; how did I get here?

O.K., so here is the contents of my goody bag from the health store.

I am so stoked about this stuff! Here's the rundown. I got hemp instant oatmeal, liquid Stevia, a few different packets of nutritional supplements for my smoothies, some dried mango, apple chips, two types of Herbamare seasoning salt, granola, cocao nibs, and chia seeds (the latter two of which i cannot wait to try on some oatmeal!). I also got my first copy of Vegnews magazine, which I haven't finished looking at yet, but may be something I get a subscription for sometime soon. Good stuff!

You'd think that all of this exciting stuff would be enough to satisfy me, but NO! I want more! Well, good thing I had ordered a box of Glo Bars a while back! They got here today! I SO cannot wait to try them! Angela, a fellow blogger, has this amazing bakery business where she makes to- die- for healthy treats! Her blog is as wonderful as her food! You should really check it out! I'll let you know which bar is my favorite once I have gone at them Cookie Monster-style. Shouldn't take long ;)
So now I have all kinds of special treats, I got to go shopping, I spent more than I should have, and I received a package in the mail with presents in it! It's Christmas in July!


  1. Sidney is so beautiful!! And you're so lucky you ordered Glo bars! They have been on my list forever....let me know which flavour is best!! Looks like you got an awesome haul at the health food store.

  2. :D Oh yeah! I have only tried the spelt apricot Glo bar so far (hehe, that rhymes!), but it was SO good! The perfect granola bar! I love Sidney, it's such a cute little town, a good one for wandering on sunny days. Thanks for the comment, and for reading!