Saturday, July 10, 2010

Salad weather and strawberries

So i actually managed to give Izzie that long-needed bath and trim. She's pretty good about baths, and surprisingly patient with the trimming. It was worth it! She's a bit fuzzy now, but so much cleaner and more comfortable. Isn't she cute?!

Before and after

After being sprayed with water by my little dog i decided i needed a snack. I cut up some of the bread B had made the night before, a nice multi grain loaf, and toasted a slice. Topped with peanut butter and a little nutella, it was yummy! I also had a smoothie with fresh strawberries. I love strawberry season!

Dinner was made by my MIL, and was so good! She made us big salads with lettuce, grated carrot and zuccini, red onion, tuna, hard boiled eggs, white beans, and a dill yogurt dressing. We had some fresh kalamata olive sourdough made the night before. Just right for a hot evening.

While B and I ate our cool tuna salads we watched the last episode of the made for TV series of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It was made in '81, and looks it! What a hilarious show! I recently read the book, and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Smart, funny and decidedly odd. Good stuff!

So 9:30pm sees me at work, baking away, rocking out to System of a Down and Third World (the benefits of working during the as loud as you can blast it!). My boss had bought some local strawberries from a little market for me to use, and they were the BEST i have ever eaten!

So, other than smoothies and fruit salad, what to do with all those amazing fresh berries? I decided to make classic tarts to sell. You bake off the tart shells, fill them with pastry cream, arrange sliced strawberries on top, and glaze (hopefully i'll remember to post those recipes soonish). They looked amazing, and unfortunately tasted great!I didn't promise that all my recipes would be healthy, did I?

This morning I had one of my usual breakfast choices, 1% plain yogurt with Nature's Path hemp plus granola and sliced strawberries, chased with a mug of jasmine green tea. Very yummy, and it really lasts me for hours. A good breakfast choice.

B and I had a lazy morning to kick off the weekend, then got ready to go. We hopped onto his BMW motorcycle and rode off to the Show and Shine car show, a Pender classic! Once home we went on a hike around the property with all the dogs (my exercise for the day!). We took a tour of our garden while coming up with dinner plans, enjoying the perfect temperature, and all our flowering plants.

Now, off to the kitchen again!

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