Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picture Overload!

Last Christmas I bought B a Nikon D5000 digital camera. It is so cool! I have tried it out a few times, but haven't really messed with it much. While checking out other peoples blogs I have developed picture envy! Everyone's pics are just so beautiful! So I asked B if I could use his Nikon, and the request was approved!

So, unfortunately for you, I went on a photo frenzy today in our garden. Such fun!
This is my dog Izzie, after an adventure in the yard. She is such a bur collector!
Our yard...

O.K., I think i'm done for now. Hopefully I'll be taking most of my blog pictures with this camera now, and eventually my skills will improve. Yet another thing to play with! Pender is such a beautiful place, I'm sure there will be many more photos to come!


  1. check out the blog Joy The Baker. She takes AMAZING pictures of her food. And she's quite funny too. AS ARE YOU!! Keep it up girl!

  2. :D Thanks! I'll check that one out! I love finding new blogs to read. My cooking has gotten much more inspired lately with all those pictures and ideas floating around!