Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally, a Fitness Post!

I've already done quite a few posts, and almost none of them have had anything to do with fitness (aka exercise). it is! Today I went on a good bike ride, about 6 miles, out to Magic Lake and back. There are SO many huge hills on this island, and of course, a couple of them are right below my house, which means i get to walk/ride up and down them every time i go out! Really got my heart beating though!

The weather is just beautiful today, and much cooler than it's been. I strapped on my helmet, stuck my pant leg into my sock dork-style, and off I went!

Going fast down those big hills is pretty fun, with a little "scary" mixed in! Just at the bottom of the hill is a little stand where we usually buy our eggs. It's so nice to get them fresh from a neighbor!

Next up on the tour is the garlic farm. This is where we got our scapes! I can't wait until their open house this year! Last year we got to taste so many wonderful varieties there!

Farther along the road, right by our mailboxes, is the blueberry farm. I am waiting impatiently for the berries to ripen, as I just used up the last of our frozen stash from last year. I love that they do u-pick, but if you're in a hurry you can pick up a bag of plump local berries at their little roadside stand too. Oh blueberries, how i love thee!

Peddling along i pass my favorite garden, and have to stop for a look. They have the most vibrant collection of flowering plants, and the cutest little potting shed. They also pick bouquets to sell at their little road stand. So pretty!

After much huffing and puffing I made it to the far end of Magic Lake, one of the biggest lakes on Pender Island. There are little benches and a picnic table strewn across a grassy area with a view of the lake, so i decided to take a quick rest... and some pictures!

Once I was able to breath semi-normally again i hopped back on the bike for the ride home. This cute little guy waved his tail at me as i passed (hope this was a kind wave, and not some sort of rude deer gesture!)

By the time i'm almost home i was getting pretty tired. Then, I see this! *groan*

Once i conquered the hills and had arrived home i downed a big glass or water and got ready for my strength training. I use two 5lb weights, and today was arm day, so i busted those out. I went to a personal trainer for a while last year, and she made a list of good exercises for me. It hurts, but in a good way!

Now i'm finally relaxing: feet up, fruit salad, and blogging time!

Not sure what dinner is all about yet for tonight, but here's a pic of last nights dinner. I told you all about it, but finished blogging and ran off to eat it without a second thought. It was so good!

Now that i think about it, i wish i'd mixed some scapes into those veggies. Oh well, next time. I'm off to re-pot some plants now, eat dinner, then to work!

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