Saturday, July 17, 2010

Potato Salad and Rainbows

Yesterday B's grandparents arrived from California for a visit. We are so happy to see them, as it's been a whole year since their last appearance on Pender. Their imminent arrival triggered quite the flurry of action in the kitchen yesterday morning, and a shopping trip, which resulted in a barely closing refrigerator. My contribution was a spur of the moment potato salad.

I plowed through our cupboards and refrigerator shelves for things that sounded like they'd be good in a potato salad, and here's what I came up with.

I think I also ended up adding some plain dijon, salt and some lemon pepper. I like to mostly use plain yogurt as the base for my dressing, with a bit of the mayo for flavor. I added the mustards, lemon juice, vinegar, dill relish, shopped celery, lemon pepper, and salt, all to make a kind of dressing slurry. I chopped and boiled the potatoes, and made some hard boiled eggs.

I started out coating the potatoes with the dressing, just to make sure there was enough. There wasn't. I kept adding dollops of yogurt and dijon until it looked moist enough. I peeled and sliced the eggs and tossed them in (be gentle with them so they don't crumble into nothingness while mixing!), then tasted it. Hmm, needed more seasoning. Salt, lemon pepper and dill plus a little lemon juice went it. Stir, taste...YUM! I realize i didn't give you any measurements, but it all depends on how much you're making, and how moist you like it, as well as how strongly flavored. Just keep messing with it until it works.

A double yolker!

I know, not the prettiest ever, but it sure tasted good!

While I was cooking i had my own light show, thanks to this baby. Such a cool little thing!

It has a solar powered motor that rotates the hanging crystal, throwing rotating rainbows all over the place! So pretty.

After getting settled and visiting a bit with our company we all sat down at the table for some great food. B BBQ'd some beef, the in-law's steamed some broccoli, we set out my potato salad, and i sliced up some watermelon. To top it all off we had some of the wine that my FIL made at his wine shop. Good times!

Right after dinner B and I had to leave for work, which was a looong shift as we were preparing the bakery for the weekend. We weren't done until 5:30am! On our way home we stopped off at Medicine Beach to admire the glassy water and soft lighting. The perfect way to end a long work week!

We took a quick hike up the hill, it was worth it!
Happy weekend!

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