Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pizza, Two Ways

Good afternoon, blog readers!

As you would expect I have a few days worth of food and pictures backed up again. Story of my life!

So back on Thursday my Mother-in-law made this flavorful dish for us called Keema. It is an Indian style recipe using ground lamb. She found it here.
With roasted sweet potatoes, rice and a salad it was a filling and mouthwatering meal!

This ended up being a late dinner, so B and I had to bolt it and run. We only got to watch half an episode of a show we just started watching called Chuck. We are starting from the beginning of the series, and it is so amazingly hilarious! It's about this guy Chuck who works at a Best Buy style store, and ends up with all of the governments craziest secrets downloaded into his brain. Funny, with some light action thrown in. Perfect to watch just before work.

Fresh fruit had arrived at the bakery for me again, so I went into tart mode. Here are some of the little beauties!

If you are wanting to make these, I posted the recipes a while ago, here.
I restrained myself from devouring all of these on the spot. My boss probably wouldn't have been very appreciative. I love making food look pretty, it's just so satisfying!

So after work I slept a very full 8 hours (which translates to about 9 hours, fyi) and woke up craving strawberries, probably because I was staring at strawberries for hours the night before! I decided to have my same oatmeal, chia seeds and cocao nibs, but this time I mixed in some Nutella and sliced strawberries for the top.
Probably not the most appetizing picture, in fact B described it as barf with strawberries on top, but you get the idea. Isn't he just the sweetest?! (that was sarcasm, in case it didn't come across on the screen ;p )

Yesterday was one of the laziest days B and I have had in a while. The in-law's were both in town, so the house was quiet and still. After sleeping in we both just hung out in our PJ's sipping our coffee/tea and read, or messed about with computer-y things. Not bad! We try to save ourselves for Friday nights at work because it's always such a long shift getting ready for the weekend.

Dinner was a simple one. B made two types of pizza from scratch, and I made a salad to go with it. The dough recipe is here, plus he added some chopped sage. Then he used bbq sauce on one, and tomato sauce on the other. The bbq pizza had sauted chicken, roasted garlic, and cheese. The tomato sauce pizza had sauted italian turkey sausage, tomato, asparagus, red onion, roasted garlic, and lots of cheese. They were so good! I took one slice of each, but B had to finish off 2/3 of my last piece.

The salad was just romaine with tomato, avocado, carrot, and mushroom. I used some of my sweet balsamic dressing on it. Just the right compliment to the pizza. We got in the other half-episode of Chuck while wolfing down pizza. Some day we'll get a relaxed meal to appreciate all this good food!

Then, it was off to work again!

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