Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nature's Path Nom Nom's!

Hello friends, and happy Tuesday! Today I had a big bonfire and got our yard cleaned up a bit. Unfortunately I now smell like bonfire. But it was lots of fun! There is nothing quite like a huge column of flames of your own creation! Very satisfying! Plus, I got to tromp around through the Fall leaves in my green boots!

Today's post is kind of breakfasty. Nature's Path sent me some great samples, and I have really been enjoying the new selection! Everything is organic! That's the way to do it! It kind of makes me want to eat breakfast for every meal! So, lets get started, shall we?

The least breakfasty item was this box of granola bars. They should really be called "candy bars"! And I mean that in the best way! They are advertised as "sweet and salty", and they live up to it! They are also slathered in chocolate. Very chewy, just they way I like my granola bars, and I love the texture! Want to know some other great stuff about them? They are low sodium, have no trans fats and are a source of fibre.

 The down side? They should be called candy bars because of the amount of sugar they contain! I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that I won't be downing these every day. They are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth, and are an excellent treat!

This granola was in my box of goodies as well. I had never tried this flavor, pomegranPlus with cherries, but I regularly eat the Nature's Path HemPlus granola, and I LOVE it! This flavor didn't quite live up to my expectations, but was good nevertheless. I really enjoyed the variety in each spoonful, including rolled oats, crispy rice, dried coconut, and red sour cherries. The flavor of pomegranate in my granola took a bit of getting used to, but it totally grew on me!
The down side to this one? I truly was not a fan of the dried fruit in this. It was hard and really stuck to my teeth, plus it didn't really impart any extra flavor. Only a small complaint which is overwhelmed by all of the other goodness! I love that this contains lots of fibre, whole grains, and is vegan!

My least favorite of the bunch? Nature's Path organic Optimum Blueberry cinnamon cereal. Meh. There is actually nothing wrong with this cereal. It's pretty good! I liked the crunch, the different textures, and the freeze dried blueberries. For some reason this just wasn't my flavor. I like cinnamon, and I like blueberries, but evidently not together in my cereal. Oh well.
I was impressed to see that this stuff includes whole wheat meal, wheat bran, flax, puffed kamut, oat bran and other great ingredients! Gotta get those omega-3s in, and your fibre!

The other cereal was Flax Plus maple pecan crunch. Usually maple flavored things make me gag, and pecans are not my favorite. Oddly enough, this was totally my favorite! This stuff is SO good! The pecans add a great light crunch, the maple flavor is perfect, and the little flakes have the perfect texture! YUM! I am totally going to have to buy this one again!

Once again it has high fibre, 0g trans fat, and lots of whole grains. I am actually considering trying to make my own granola bars using this stuff as the base! I think they would be SO good! This cereal would be good as a layer in a parfait too, or over yogurt, or or or...Ok, I think I'll just go have another bowl full!

Want some of your own? Nature's Path products can be found just about anywhere! Most large grocery stores carry their products, and will have most varieties. I actually buy the hemplus granola in bulk at my local natural foods store! I really suggest that you pick up a box of this stuff. It's got a great Fall-y flavor to it. And you guys know that I'm all about Fall-y things! If you can't find their stuff in your store, then order some online! This stuff is seriously worth it! You can also find recipes and other information on their web site!

Well, I think I'll go read a bit and then head to bed! Tomorrow is my double-shift day, so I gotta get my beauty sleep! 13 miles of bike riding and hiking are waiting for me in the morning! Night all!


  1. I love Nature's Path products! (I'm eating their Maple Sunrise cereal right now...)

    I also love bonfires. SO worth the smoke-in-your-hair smell. :)

  2. I love bonfires. We make one every year and all the time we have to pay lots of attentions since we live be the woods but I love the sounds of burning leaves and small branches

  3. NP's pumpkin granola cereal is my weakness. I could eat an entire box in one day!