Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fellow Foodie Bites #8

Well, my friends. I am sick. My husband is sick. My mother-in-law is sick. I'm kinda waiting for my father-in-law to get sick too. It sucks. I have no energy, and the craft fair is next weekend! Hope I feel better by then. Needless to say, I haven't figured out my no-picture-space dilemma yet, so here is a plain, boring post. Sorry, that's just the way it is today. Blah

Luckily all of this food is NOT blah, so check out some of these fantastic recipes!

Fellow Foodie Bites
-More from Joy the Baker! Apple crisp is a classic!

-Ooh, or how about this chocolate cobbler?! Yes please!

-Sticky mustard orange chicken sounds like a delicious dinner waiting to happen!

-Black bean spinach burgers sound like a filling alternative to beef! I think I'd like fries with that!

-Super charge me cookies sound like the perfect snack!

-I have made regular yogurt at home before, but I'd love to try making this soygurt!

-Lemon basil flatbread would be so good with pasta or soup! I kinda want some. Like NOW!

-I think my husband should make these fish tacos for me! Don't you? Yeah, he totally should.

-Here's a great idea of Thanksgiving! Maple pecan pie!

-Harvest root vegetable pie sounds like the perfect meal for a cold and rainy night! That might be coming up pretty soon here!

-Here's a great way to get your greens in! Swiss chard tart!

-Tahini soba noodles with tofu meatballs could be the next great meal in this house! So many tasty aspects to this dish!

-Katies peanut butter babies sound so delicious. And simple!

-These would be great to have around for entertaining during the holidays! Easy whole wheat crackers!

Hope you find some great recipes to try in there! I know I want to try them ALL!


  1. Rowie--so sorry you all are sick & hope you recover SOON! But it's that time of year; my aide phoned this AM to tell me she's sick today, too, so I'm on my own for school today. Keep up the great blogging, drink lots of hot tea with honey & get well ASAP! Sending you healing thoughts & much love! Aunty Mary

  2. What a great list of delicious eats.
    Get well soon daaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  3. I hope you get well soon Rowie
    thanks for the great recipe list, I'll sure try the Lemon basil flatbread with a bowl of warming soup

  4. Oooh love the list! Hope y'all feel better soon!

  5. this to shall pass... so you live on a small island in canada? interesting... glad to meet you- thanks for stopping by "Satisfied"

  6. Thanks for the link Rowie! I bet you guys can get some really good fresh fish up in your neck of the woods!