Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crofters Superfruit Spread and Kitchen Confidential

Hello friends! How's the weekend treating you? We've been holed up in our cozy house with the dogs, rain outside, and lots of Mario Kart Wii tournaments! 

I also just started reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. Fantastic book!!! It is smart and hilarious, mostly because it's all true! I grew up as a kitchen brat, following my dad through many restaurants where he was head chef. My babysitters were the guys on the line who made me tip'n'tail green beans, the bar tender who let me behind the counter to make my own shirley temples (they went through a lot of cherries!), and the waitresses who let me squirt the whipped cream on pie slices and fold napkins in the back room. I have witnessed much of what Bourdain talks about in his book, and it makes me love it even more!!! If you are a foodie, have a high tolerance for bad language and being disgusted, and love smart anecdotes pertaining to awesome food and bad behavior, then this book is for you!!!

Besides enjoying my new book, I've also been enjoying Fruit spreads from Crofters!!! They sent me 3 flavors of their superfruit spread, and I've been powering my way through these jars! 

The Asia spread is by far my favorite. It's smooth, tangy/sweet and delicious! The best way to enjoy it is on toast.


But it's really good stirred into oatmeal for some extra fruity flavor! I added vanilla and sliced almonds too!

Yeah, not the prettiest, but oh so tasty!

My new favorite? Crofter's Superfuit spread on waffles! Oh yes, this is a must try!

The other flavors are good too. The North America spread has nice little berry bits in it, and the South America spread is mouthwatering as well! I especially like that they are not gelatinous like jelly. It spreads smoothly. You can buy Crofter's products at most large grocery stores, I just saw some at our local Super Store. There is no excuse! These organic jars of antioxidant rich fruity flavor have great ingredients like morello cherry, passion fruit puree and fair trade cane sugar! It'll be a perfect addition to your breakfast table! Yum! They also have great info and recipes on their site! Hope you guys get a chance to try it out!

Speaking of trying things out, I'm thinking of sharing more candy posts. Does that sound good to you guys? I got a lot of enthusiastic responses from the truffle post. Plus, it's just that time of year! Cookies and candy are flowing out of my kitchen, and unfortunately often into my stomach! I'll see what I can come up with next! Hope your Monday is a good one! 


  1. Oh I bought a bunch of those superfruit spreads when they went on sale a few months ago, but have only cracked into the South America.

    I don't know why I eat so much nut butter but never enough jam. :)

  2. How neat to grow up in a restaurant. That book is fantastic, and love Crofter's!

  3. I started reading the Bourdain book, but couldn't finish it. Your Super Fruits look soo good, especially on the toast.