Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie Monday

Hi guys! Our power has been out for hours, and I had given up on getting anything posted today. Instead of worrying about that, I've been lounging around in my PJ's and slippers, listening to crazy wind and rain, and reading Kitchen Confidential. I'm almost done. It just keeps getting better, and, unfortunately, makes me want to get back into a restaurant kitchen. Flitting thoughts of pastry chef jobs, raunchy kitchen banter and cocky friends with knives stream through my head as I read. But then I remember that I get to work at a bakery, and that I make all kinds of fun stuff, every week! That's the place for me! It is a good book though ;)!

Here's a quick rundown of our movies for the week.

Movie Monday
Elf- This has become on of my FAVORITE Christmas movies!!! Will Ferrell plays Buddy the elf, who's actually a human raised by elves. He goes to NYC in search of his father. This is hilarious, cute, and very festive. It makes me want to answer the phone "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?!". A must see, if you haven't already!

Miracle on 34th ST.- This is a Christmas classic! If you haven't ever see this movie, well, I'll claim I don't know you, you deprived child! This one is from 1947, and is black and white. A movie in the true Christmas spirit, about a man who claim to be the REAL Santa Claus, is put on trial for being insane, and who is trying to win over a mother and daughter who "don't believe". Love this one!

Dr. Dolittle- I'm talking the 1967 Rex Harrison version here, none of that Eddie Murphy crap. This is long, and a bit hokey, but i love it! There's an unfortunate amount of singing, but the cute animals strewn throughout the movie make up for it. There's also some hilarious things like the pushmepullu, the giant pink sea snail, and the lunar moth! Harrison is Dr. Dolittle, a vegetarian veterinarian who doesn't do well with people. He's out to find the giant pink sea snail, and takes a few friends, a talking parrot, and his chimp along for the ride. Worth seeing at least once!

Ghost Writer- Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor star in this drama/mystery about a writer who is hired to finish the memoirs of a former prime minister. Things get dicey as more information is uncovered, and McGregor starts to worry that he'll go the way of his predecessor who supposedly committed "suicide". Great story line, good acting, keeps you on edge and wondering! This is a pretty smart movie, and Ben and I both liked it. Nothing amazing, but a good movie.

Easy A- The always charming Emma Stone stars in this high school comedy about a girl with a virginal reputation, who accidentally starts a bad rumor about herself. Things snowball from there, with some hilarious results! Yeah, it's another high school goofy movie, but it's smarter, and is pulled off rather better, than lots of others. Great entertainment value! We liked it a lot!

Shrek Forever After- I liked this one better than the third shrek, but not nearly as well as the first two. This time around Rumplestiltskin tricks Shrek into never being born, creating an alternate world where Rumple rules with the witches. It's still funny, but is nothing spectacular. If you really liked the other movies then you would probably enjoy this. If not, then you can skip it. Nothing new here.

Sherlock Holmes- This is the 2009 version. I bought it on blu-ray, cuz we liked it so much! Good action, good acting, interesting storyline, and great use of the books characters. This is an exciting, adventurey, big budget movie.Lots of fun!

What movies did you guys watch this week? Anything good that I should check out?

Congrats on surviving you Monday! Good night!


  1. Love Elf! It cracked my up the first time I saw it! I've started True Blood this week, that's my indulgence right now!

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