Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kilimanjaro Wot Sauce Chicken and SNOW!

Well hello there! This has been one busy week! We got tons of snow!!! This is supposed to be the snowiest/coldest winter in the last 50 years! I am so excited, being from California and not so used to the snow. It made driving a bit difficult, and we ended up walking 7 miles in the snow in the middle of the night for a work shift, but it's still fun!

Snow everywhere!Our deck, yard, and water view were all covered!

Lots of beautiful shots. This is at the Driftwood Center, where the bakery is, at about 4am! Like the cat tracks across the bridge?

Ben took this one. So cute!

Saturday was also the craft fair that I've been working towards! Most of my items were not so popular, but my candy went really well and I made back all i'd spent, plus a little profit!

I think I'll be doing the next craft fair, on December 12 th too. Admittedly, the power was out, and lots of people couldn't get there because of the snow, so it wasn't ideal selling conditions.

I had tons of fun though, and had lots of friends wander by, say hello, and buy things. I got to meet lots of new islanders too!

With all of this cold weather, and a house full of sick people, we wanted something a bit spicy for dinner. I had just the thing! The nice people over at Kilimanjaro Foods sent me a package with some fun new things to try! They have a great selection of African and African-inspired sauces and gourmet items, all full of flavor and enthusiastic inspiration. One item was this Wot sauce, a spicy tomato based sauce that's good for soups, stews, meat...anything!

I decided to try it over chicken and rice. I browned some drumsticks in a pan to bump up their flavor.

Then I poured half the jar of sauce over them, added about 1/3 cup water, and let them simmer until done.

I made a pot of rice, and  baked some cauliflower (425*, covered in olive oil and salt, bake until browned about 20 minutes). We put it all into one bowl and made sure everything had sauce. My whole family raved about this! Everyone in the house agreed that it is just delicious!

It was just right! Such a simple meal, easy and fast to prepare, and SO much flavor! The house smelled wonderful from all of the herbs blended in the sauce. There was a good spicy kick to the Wot sauce, but I could totally handle it, even being the spice-wimp that I am! I can't wait to try other Kilimanjaro products! You can try them too, by ordering online from their website! You'll be amazed by the intense range of flavors, and how easy it makes your dinner preparation!  If you have their products, and want some inspiration, then check out their recipe page for tons of good ideas!

We are expecting more snow, and some seriously cold weather here in the next few days. Time to break out the snow gear! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. I'll be posting more candy recipes soon. Stay warm!


  1. Rowie, your craft table is amazing--and so many wonderful things to look at! Glad you had fun. Uncle Curt had his book signing on Sat. & did really well. He certainly is having fun being a published author--I'm so proud of him! Enjoy your snow--glad it's you & not us! I don't like weather extremes--never have. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Love you & happy American THanksgiving! Aunty Mary

  2. The craft table looks awesome! I definitely would have nabbed some things if I was there! Hope the snow treats you well!

  3. It's must be fun to live in the place that is snowing right now. We live in the place that has none.
    Wow the craft table looks fabulous!
    The chicken looks so juicy and flavourful.

  4. Snow! How exciting! And Kilimanjaro Wot Sauce Chicken sounds like just the dish to tuck in to when you've shed your snow shoes.

  5. it looks so delicious... one friend will climb klimenjero mountain next month, hope he come back with some recipes as well:)