Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Monday, Even Though It's Tuesday

Hi everybody! I feel so silly! I told you last week that I'd probably forget all about movie monday, and then today I asked Ben what day it was and he said it was Tuesday! Doh! And then, to top that off, I just found out that I am out of space on my picasa web album thingy, and it won't let me upload pics to my blog! I am hopeless with computery things! How do I fix this?! Anybody out there know a solution? Do you have to upload pics to some other place like photobuckt and then upload again to your blog? I hope somebody out there knows what's goin' on, cuz I sure don't!

Well, enough of me freaking out. Hopefully you will be seeing my poorly lit pictures here again soon. Without further ado, here is movie Monday, even though it's Tuesday.

Movie Monday

Across the Universe: Yup, I watched that. I totally thought it'd be some goofy love story thing, but it really turned out to be a group of young people dealing with the Viet Nam war, doing drugs, and singing Beatles songs at each other. Not bad for what it was I guess, just not what I was expecting.

Chocolat: I totally loved this movie. Quirky and fresh, but with a quaint style, this is such a fun movie! A mother and daughter arrive in a sleepy stuck-in-it's -ways little town, and work themselves into the community through their chocolate shop! Seriously, how can you go wrong with a movie about chocolate?! Oh,and Johnny Dep is in it too. That's most definitely a plus!

Clash of the Titans 2010: I had seen this before, but I just bought it on blu-ray, and Ben and I had the house to ourselves over the weekend, so we watched it LOUD! Such a fun action movie! Plus, I loved the throwback to the classic version! Big budget film, lots of computer graphics and crazy monsters. Guys in short skirts. Even a plot! This was fun, and you know I'll be watching it again soon!

Inception: This was a crazy mind twister! Dicaprio does a great job. It's all about entering other peoples dreams, almost like alternate universes. Kind of a thriller, some good action, definitely some drama. A good movie, but once you've seen it, it won't be the same again. Kind of like watching the sixth sense or something.

Meet the Robinsons: This one was obviously my pick. I love computer animation, and this was such a fun and unique idea! Lewis is a young inventor, and things just aren't working out  for him. He meets a boy from the future, and takes a time machine to the future! Lots of fun and laughs.

Mission Impossible: Ben and I had both seen this once before, but a really long time ago. It still holds up to the new action stuff! Cruise makes a great spy trying to find out who the mole in his team was. Tons of great action, a few good plot twists, and lots and lot of TOM! The perfect actiony spy flick!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: YES! This was SO hilarious! I personally like Michael Cera, and if you don't then this won't be your movie. A liking and a bit of knowledge of video games helps when watching this, but is not required. Scott wants to date this new hot chick, but to do so he must defeat her 7 evil exes! Plenty of awkward moments, crazy fight scenes, loud music, and hilarious outfits! A must see in my book!

The Expendables: This movie was a hilarious excuse for overly muscular guys (many of which are looking pretty damn old!), lots of stuff blowing up, lots of guns, everybody dying, and...oh yeah, more muscly guys! I'll admit, while there was almost no plot to speak of, it was still entertaining. The perfect funny, non-stop action, brainless kind of entertainment you want on a weekend. Worth seeing, if you like action.

Wild Target: An odd but funny movie! A hit man is hired to kill a young woman, but instead becomes her protector! Rupert Grint (ron weasly from the harry potter movies!) is a tag along goof. A bit of action, lots of laughs, and a real story line. Pretty good!

Ok, now the truth is out. You can tell that we don't have lives, can't you. Oh well. My non-life requires me to ride my bike to work tomorrow morning in the rain. Whatever.

Hope I figure out my stupid picture problems!!! It could be bad. Seriously. Send help!


  1. What a great summarry on the movies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw a pretty funny movie today.. "Grown Ups" or grown up? Adam Sandler.. as funny as it was, still The Hangover is the best for me....

  3. I Love Chocolat, So beautiful!! I went to see Inception with my mum, bad idea! She kept asking me what was going on all the way through, like I had a clue!?

  4. Just found your blog and LOVE it! Especially the recipes! Definitley going to be trying that yummy looking gingerbread in the near future.

  5. Hi Rowie,
    I also ran out of space on Picasa, I ended up spending the money ($20) to upgrade for more memory space, it was worth it! You can always delete stuff you don't need anymore too....

  6. Fun reviews. We just saw Prince of Persia which we loved. I can't believe I didn't hear anything about it.

    Thanks for coming and visiting my blog. So nice to meet you.

  7. I use iphoto for my blog photos. My blog is hosted on blogger like yours. I don't have to pay a fee to acess my photos and when I want to archive and clear for space, I can.

    Lisa of lisaslovinloaves

  8. Great movie picks! I'm dying to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I've heard such good things about it, and you confirmed it!

  9. I loved Chocolat! what's not to love, all the chocolate and the power of food!