Monday, October 25, 2010

Things That Make Me Feel Fall-y!

Hello friends! How was your Monday? I spent the day with Ben and his dad, hauling firewood that we cut and split yesterday! There is a bit of a wind storm going on, and the air is brisk, so I had on my ear flap beanie. Our Maple trees are all showing off their beautiful vibrant leaves, and I was sipping chai all day. This combination makes me feel SO Fall-y! Here are some other things that make me feel Fall-y.

I am totally in to decorated Halloween and Fall cookies at work right now! Here are some of my sugar cookies. (They may look familiar...picture at the top?)

I also made some meringue ghosts!


This is our huge, gorgeous maple tree, right in our view from the deck! We love watching it change throughout the year, but it is at it's most spectacular in Fall!

Izzie and I love the leaves! Plus, now that it's Fall, I get to wear my orange sweatshirt! Kinda reminds me of pumpkins!

Now that the weather is wetter, we have just an overload of mushrooms and fungus! I have never seen so many mushrooms on one island! There are SO many varieties too. We have a mushroom guide book, and it's so fun to identify them (when we can!). Check out this beauty!

And here is another cool growth we found. Pretty awesome!

This is what the weather looked like today. Grey and windy! We went down to the ocean to check it out. Big swells, and white caps as far as the eye can see! Plus, because we were up a ways from the water, you could really lean into the wind and it would support you a bit! I love that feeling, especially when you get a bit of sea spray in your face at the same time!
Needless to say, I am really enjoying Fall here on Pender Island! I hope you are too! So break out your own ear-flap beanie and go stomp on some leaves!

Todays question: What makes YOU feel Fall-y?


  1. There's NO WAY I could resist those frosted pumpkin cookies. They look so yummy!

    The cool winds signal Autumn for me. Winds that bluster through the trees, making the leaves sound like a river.

  2. Your cookies are perfection... great design and execution!! You are quite talented! :)


  3. Wow those cookies are so cute- your work looks like so much fun!!
    Those mushrooms are so crazy!
    I feel fall-y when the air is crisp and I see the golden leaves on the ground....and when food blogs are overtaken with pumpkin recipes! lol

  4. lol I LOVE the meringue ghosts!

  5. I have plenty of leaves to stomp on. Today we had 60/hr mile winds in Chicago Land, so all of the leaves are in my yard and gutters, LOL I hope that that all blow away tomorrow. I feel fall-y when I drink hot cider and eat apple crisp:)

  6. OOOhhh!! Adorable! I SO don't have the patience to decorate as nicely as you do. They are just perfect. Love those ghosts! I'm headed to a halloween party next weekend, just might have to bring a plate of those!

  7. Oh Izzie! There should always be photos of Izzie! :) Loved all your Halloween projects! Been so much fun following them.

  8. Those ghost meringues are adorable! What a fantastic idea. Love the spiderweb cookie and those mushrooms are awesome!

  9. Squash and apples, those always make me feel like fall. I love your cute little meringue ghosts, what a great idea!

  10. I love that giant maple tree! And the pumpkin cookies...obviously :)

  11. Can't say I've ever been brave enough to attempt mushroom identification! :) I just know I'd get it horribly wrong.

    Pumpkins are slowly appearing on the markets here now so we know Autumn is here. Soup time! :)

  12. Beautiful decorations on those cookies!