Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The In-between Thanksgiving Post

Hello everybody! I am home from our wonderful anniversary trip to Tofino! We had such a good time! I am still sorting pictures, as we took millions! The highlights? Great hikes, beautiful scenery, long sandy beaches with crashing waves, our room with a view, awesomely fresh sea food, exploring new places, a boat ride, and 3 grey whales! Good times!

So now that we're back, and I have been looking through all of the things I have saved up to post, I realized that although I posted about our anniversary which was on Canadian Thanksgiving, I never posted about our actual Thanksgiving dinner! It's the ultimate food blogger sin! What was I thinking?! So, because we celebrate both Thanksgivings (old habits die hard) I thought I'd share about one to prepare others for the second! I'll be posting the actual recipes for some of this in upcoming posts.

Here is our turkey defrosting. Our bad little cat Andy decided he'd check out the poultry when nobody was looking, and ended up tearing through the plastic and munching down a bit of his own Thanksgiving dinner.

He was very pleased with himself!

Hurray for pretty turkey!

My FIL has a wine making shop, Pender Island Cellars, and he contributed this wine to top off our dinner!

Our Thanksgiving table! Terrible picture lighting, I know.


These are the dinner rolls that I made. Pretty darn tasty!

This is my cranberry orange relish. My mom always used to make it, and I love it! Especially compared to that canned stuff! I really like that you can make this as sweet or unsweet as you want. Perfect! I have always thought of this as "mom's recipe", but she told me it's really off of the cranberry bag! Who knew?! I used about 3-4 cups cranberries, zest of one orange and started out with about 1/2 cup of sugar. Tossed it all into the cuisinart and did a rough chop. Taste and add Tablespoons of sugar to your liking. Try not to blend it too much, you want it to stay coarse. YUM!

I baked some asparagus, and added some garlic gold nuggets for seasoning with the salt and pepper.


Here's my plate, all loaded up!

Someone else wants some Thanksgiving dinner too!

Yeah, I ate that much!

This is the blueberry bavarian cream that I made, using blueberries that we picked from the farm down the road! It's so nice to have a light fruity dessert after that heavy meal!

We couldn't resist having the traditional pumpkin pie too, so Ben made this one. Beautiful and delicious!

Here's my piece of pie with the vanilla ice cream that I made! I loved this ice cream recipe! Don't worry, I'll share it soon!

We opened our anniversary presents and cards after dinner. We got so much fun stuff! It was our cotton anniversary, so we got some cute halloween things from my mom! Evidently Canadian money is made of cotton, so Ben's parents gave us some CASH!

We also got these awesome cotton t-shirts from my grandma! Thanks grandma, they're super cute! (I feel like we should go jogging in our matching clothes or something...)

I'll be posting recipes for the rolls, bavarian cream, and the ice cream! Keep an eye out for them, so you can make them for your Thanksgiving dinner too!


  1. Yum!!! What a great Thanksgiving! I love asparagus, and Turkey, too ;)

  2. everything looks perfect! good job! :D

  3. Cats do that, believe me i know! LOL!
    Awesome dinner... now i have a bag of cranberries calling my name.. i want that bavarian cream recipe!

  4. Bad (but really super funny) kitty! Cute pup too. Looks like an awesome Tday dinner. Lovin' those rolls

  5. Cats are funny people :) This is quite a spread, glad you enjoyed your vacation...