Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dinner at a Friends

Yikes! My day has been crazy! The weather outside was beautiful, so Ben and I went on a nice walk around the property with my dog. Then I had to come back and take over the kitchen. Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I had a lot to do! (well, I still have a lot to do!) 

I made some vanilla ice cream base which I'm just about to churn, and a blueberry bavarian cream. YUM! I can't believe how much heavy cream I used though. I'm sure my thighs will be reminding me for months! Tomorrow I need to make my cranberry orange relish, and some dinner rolls. Don't worry, I'll share recipes soon enough.

Right now I wanted to tell you all about our nice evening spent with our friend, Alison! In my last post I showed you the tapenade and the nut butter cups I made as a hostess gift for her. 
I got all snazzied up (as much as I could knowing I had to go to work later that night), and Ben and I hopped in the car for the short island drive over to her house.

Stepping into the home of someone with a strong sense of personal style is like stepping into a new world where everything is fascinating and delightful. Ali has the most wonderful little home, and as she welcomed us in our eyes traveled ravenously over all of her unique furnishings. I love it there!!!

Isn't that a cute way to serve dinner? So personal and comfy! A perfect little dinner party!

First she brought over these divine little mushroom and puff pastry hors d'oeuvres (yes, I just spelled hors d'oeuvres correctly! uh, twice!!! It's a miracle!). The puff was so light and crisp and tender, and she made it herself!!! We were so impressed! I could have eaten an entire meal of just these!

Next was the soup course. This was a delicious and creamy curry soup with a bit of heat. So satisfying!

Main course! Homemade gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce! This was so good! She sauted the gnocchi a bit after boiling it, giving it a bit of a meat substitute feel, kinda like sausage! Impressed yet again! Plus, I totally love all of her plates and bowls! Each one is unique and fun!

Ali has three kitties, and they are so cute and friendly! This little sweetie wanted to join the party!

My favorite part? Dessert, of course!!! Ali wowed us again with an angel food cake covered in local Pender blackberry syrup! This was so delicious I managed two slices, even after our filling meal! Bravo on the cake Ali!

After dinner we participated in some more kitty love. Never enough, especially when they are this cute!

Sadly this is the best picture of me and Alison taken all night. We aren't looking at the camera, it's fuzzy and dark. Maybe it's better that way!

By the time dinner was over we were incapable of moving, so we just lounged around, played with kitties, and enjoyed the company. It was all over sadly soon as Ben and I had to be at work at 9:30pm. We waddled out to the car, and out of Ali's cute little home. 

Sigh. Now that was good food! Thanks for the great evening Ali!


  1. What a beautiful post...and what a lovely evening with friends! I loved taking a glimpse of your evening. I'm happy I found your blog tonight. Great work here. And I look forward to the recipes to come!

  2. What a splendid dinner! I would have you over just to get the hostess gift. =)

  3. The gnocchi looked amazing and kitty snuggles, what a bonus : )

  4. Sometimes it's nice to have some else cook for a change and experience the different cooking styles. The gnocchi looks so good...