Saturday, October 23, 2010

Garlic Gold Guacummus

Happy weekend bloggy friends! Here in South Western British Columbia we are waiting for a big wind storm to arrive! Eeeee! Can't wait! I just love relaxing inside with my slippers and tea, watching the weather go crazy! (OK, sometimes I need to walk down to the ocean to experience the action there too. Nothing like ocean spray in your face!).I totally hope the power goes out!!! I really have been wanting to finish my book, The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas (one of my favorite authors!), so hopefully this weather will be conducive to that!

I am also anticipating some soup or stew action in my kitchen to go with the weather, and we brought home a freshly baked loaf of light potato sourdough bread to go on the side! I really prefer my bread with garlic, because lets face it, garlic makes everything better! Lately I have been drowning my bread in Garlic Gold nuggets! I received some sample Garlic Gold nuggets, and I have been enjoying them SO much! Here's what I got in the mail. Garlic Gold original nuggets, sea salt nuggets, parmesan nuggets, and italian herb nuggets, plus a few packets of Garlic Gold oil! That package was quite the treasure chest of loot!

Want to know some good stuff about Garlic Gold Nuggets? They are USDA certified organic! For the original nuggets the ingredients are "organic garlic hand chopped and toasted in crunchy perfection in organic extra-virgin olive oil" Sounds good, right? Right! The bottle has a handy shaker top, and the suggestion that these can be "the healthy alternative to bacon bits!" My bottles are at least halfway gone at this point. I can't seem to stop using them! Seriously! This stuff is good on everything! Want some examples? I thought you'd never ask!

Here are the parmesan nuggets on some bread. The perfect accompaniment to pasta and a salad! The parmesan flavor comes through nicely, and the garlic nuggets are so light and crisp! It's a little burst of flavor every time you hit one! Mmmm

I shake both the original and the parmesan nuggets onto pasta dishes. Adds good flavor, plus those little flavor punches are great when you hit the nuggets!

Baked asparagus with sea salt nuggets! Oh yeah! This is my favorite way to prepare asparagus, and now it's even better! Toss your asparagus in olive oil, grind on some black pepper, and liberally sprinkle with Garlic Gold sea salt nuggets. Bake at 350* for 15-20 minutes and you are golden! (ha, bad joke! I'm not sorry!)

This asparagus was good enough for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Another use of the parmesan nuggets. I sprinkled them all over a turkey and chard saute. YUM!
I don't have any pictures (bad blogger!) but we have also been enjoying the Italian nuggets. Ben seasoned some ground turkey with it before putting it on pizza! I bet it would be good in meat balls too!

Here is a little something I came up with, using my lovely Garlic Gold samples! Guacummus! I'm sure that most of you have made some imagining of this at some point. It's pretty much just a plain hummus with an avocado and some guacamole flavoring! SO good! Who cares about crackers, I was literally eating this with a spoon! Whip out your Garlic Gold nuggets, and about 1-2 tablespoons of garlic gold oil and you're ready to  rock!

I used one can of garbanzo beans, 2 cloves or garlic, 2 Tbsp lemon juice, 2-4 Tablespoons olive oil plus the bit of garlic oil, 1 Tablespoon cumin, 1 Tablespoon coriander, 1 large avocado, and a good sprinkling of Garlic Gold nuggets.

 Puree away, adding more or less oil and seasoning as you see fit. Just try and get a nice creamy texture.

Serve with chopped tomato, chopped cilantro, sunflower seeds and another hefty sprinkling of garlic nuggets, because you can never have enough garlic!

And now dig in and enjoy! Mmm! You should check out their web site! They have recipes, gift boxes, and lots of other delicious garlic products! You can also read about the health benefits of garlic there. I always love being reminded that something I think is a tasty treat is good for me too! So, on that note, please excuse me while I go shake garlic nuggets into my mouth!


  1. I hardly ever make bread without garlic in it. Bread is always better with garlic! Your guacummus sounds so delicious!

  2. First, I do believe you truly know how to enjoy a storm. Bully for you!!

    Second, GARLIC GOLD?!??! Must. find. some.

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  4. I wondered how your Thanksgiving asparagus, looked golden. Now I know!

    You have received a lovely award. Please check out my blog:)

  5. Looks tres yum Rowie. Garlic is so healthy for you too. Such an immune system booster!

  6. I really may check out the Garlic Gold site! Everyone has so many good things to say about the product!

  7. Wow, I might just have to find some Garlic Gold so that I can make Guacummus!