Monday, September 27, 2010

Lemon Curd Recipe

Hello friends! I finally found the time to write up that lemon curd recipe for you! Remember all the way back to that cheesecake recipe where I showed it topped with lemon curd, but didn't tell you how to make any? Yes, I'm evil. Just ask my husband! ;)

I'm going to make you wait for that recipe for just a minute more (see, Ben was right about the whole evil thing!). It has been overcast with showers for a few days now out here in the islands. But back on Saturday our afternoon weather was just beautiful. You would have never known it would be raining by evening.

 Ben and his dad decided to go kayaking, and I was planning on taking Izzie for a walk.

 Well, the guys chose Medicine beach as a launch spot, and it's about 5 miles from our house. They drove, and we walked.

 Izzie and I spent some nice time on the beach, and had a snack. I read my book while she napped...
but not before rolling in some unknown but very stinky beach funk which stuck to her neck. Great.

Eventually the guys showed up from their mini kayak adventure, and we all drove home together. Ah, I just love the weekends!

Ok, now that I have made you suffer, here is the lemon curd recipe. From Cathy Burgett, as usual. Her recipe's are my baking staples!

Lemon Curd
zest from 6 lemons
juice from 6 lemons (1 cup)
1 1/2 cups white sugar
6 eggs
12 egg yolks
9 oz. butter

-Place the eggs and egg yolks in a large bowl that will fit over a water bath.
-Whisk in the other ingredients to mix, and continue whisking over hot, simmering water until the butter is melted and the curd is thick.
-Remove from the heat and strain into a clean, dry bowl.
-Cover the curd with plastic wrap, pressing it right down onto the curd so it doesn't form a skin, and refrigerate.
-Lemon curd will keep in the refrigerator for about 5 days, and it will freeze, well-covered, for 2 months.

Yield: 1 qt. lemon curd

You can also make this recipe using oranges, limes or other citrus (think blood oranges!). I used it as a cheesecake topping, but it is also good over ice cream, as the filling in a layer cake, in tart shells, over fresh berries, or by the spoonful (my favorite)! Try it in crepes, or use it as a layer in a parfait! The uses are endless.



  1. Yum! First of all, you cheesecake looks divine! I love the sweetness/tartness of lemon curd.
    And secondly, what an amazingly beautiful place you live...Lucky you! I recently visited Victoria and Vancouver for the first time and can't wait to explore more of Canada.

  2. I love lemon's the best! And your dog is named Izzie! That's my daughter's name too! Your Izzie looks like a rabble rowser just like mine..

  3. I fell in love with lemon curd when I made my first ice box cake. I'm willing and ready to try any and every recipe for it. Since I adore cheesecake even more, this is a marriage made in heaven. ::sigh::

  4. love the location and the pics- lemon curd looks fantastic!