Monday, September 6, 2010

A Quick Tuna Trip

Early last week Ben and I heard through the island grape vine that there would be a boat at Hope Bay selling tuna at an amazing price. What won't we do for some good fish?

We dragged ourselves out of bed early, hustled the dogs into the car (they looked like they wanted to come), and drove across the island in the mist.
I started getting excited when we saw the signs (and that's a big thing, because I don't get excited in the morning!). They were selling shrimp too!
We pulled up to the the dock and followed the signs to a salty looking boat.A friendly fisherman was there to help us. He picked out a huge tuna, and handed us our bag of shrimp.

I think it weighed 18.5 lbs, and only cost $37! Can you believe it?! We also got a 1 lb bag of shrimp for $12. Not too shabby!
Now what to do with this ginormous fish? Guess we'll figure that one out later. We shoved it in the freezer, and went back to bed.
Zzzzz...I dreamed of tuna.


  1. Cute post...I luv it that you woke up early, got some fantastic fish and then went home back to bed! I'm sure you have good plans for the tuna and shrimp ;)

  2. Getting up for fish seemed like a good idea at the time. hehe. Not actually quite sure what we'll be doing with THAT much tuna, but we have some ideas!

  3. You're teasing us now. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with this tuna! :)