Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Hi there! This is a quick post, having not much to do with food. I am just SO excited that Fall is finally here! Today is the first day of Fall! Last night there was a full moon, the first full moon on the Autumn equinox since 1991! It was a bit foggy, with rain clouds rolling in, but I caught a glimpse of it. Spectacular!

Now it can all begin! Slippers,
 movie days, comfort food, everything pumpkin, soups and stews, fires in the wood stove, changing leaves

and all the other wonderful things associated with Fall! Our second anniversary is this month, too!

Here are some things that are making me feel Fall-y! Hope this gets you in the Autumn spirit too!

Mmm, chai!
Squash from our garden!

Happy Fall!

What is your favorite part of fall?

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  1. We don't really have Fall here in SE Arizona--it just stays too hot until it freezes & then it's Winter. But growing up in Sacramento, I LOVED walking to school, crunching & stomping on all these millions of crispy, beautifully colored leaves. There's just something SO satisfying about when you get that perfect CRUNCH sound, and then the leaves release that fabulous Autumn leaf smell. AHHH!

  2. There are many things that I like about fall, many the same of yours; the crunch of the leaves, apple crisp, pumpkin bread,acorn squash, Butternut squash soup, hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, or anything cinnamon:)

  3. Congratulations on the 2 years coming up! Our 2-years is in less than 3 weeks.
    Fall is my favorite season (at least where I'm currently living). It smells so fresh and just "fall-y". :) People finally don't look at you funny when you want to whip up some good hot stew or soup hehe. And the trees here where I live are gorgeous in the fall. It's just all around wonderful.

  4. I only wish the weather said fall. I'm ready for roasted squash and maple flavored things.

  5. Your fall photos are gorgeous. Do you do your own photography?
    I keep working on mine and making progress.

    I write fiction with a couple of writing bloggers friends. We use photos for story prompts. Would you consider allowing us to use some of yours? You would of course get a credit byline for your photos and a shout out to your food blog here. You can contact me at my blogger site or
    Thanks and thanks for a beautiful read today. Lisa