Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fellow Foodie Bites #6

Heya foodies! The lazy monster has me by the seat of the pants! I have to be at the bakery at 8am, and then in for my second shift at 9:30pm. Ouch, those double shifters are brutal! So, enough complaining and excuses. I did have a 4 day weekend, after all.

Here are some more things that I am stockpiling for a rainy day. Things I must make! Things that maybe you should make too!

Fellow Foodie Bites #6
- I made these pumpkin chocolate chip bars at work last week. Other than extending the baking time by about 10 minutes they were fantastic!!!
-This one sounds like an amazingly easy and tasty dinner. Soba noodles with almond butter and curry sauce.
-Balsamic portabello salad is definitely on my list! I really want to try eating more mushrooms (I usually loathe them).
-More dessert that I don't need, and want anyway. Chocolate dulce de leche flan. drool.
-Fried apple cakes would be a great way to kick off apple season!
-I actually already made this chai mix! It's great! I like mine pretty intense, so I pretty much doubled the measurements of spices. I've been enjoying it with a splash of vanilla rice milk and a drizzle of local honey! I love you Fall!
-I finally found a recipe for yeasted waffles! My dad used to make these for me. Cant wait to make them!
-This isn't a recipe, but I love sprouts, and am interested in sprouting at home. This is a great beginners guide!
-Break this one out for the holidays! Who doesn't enjoy nibbling on a little dish of candied nuts?!
-More pumpkin love! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Hurray!
-I plan on making this one this weekend! It's a great way to incorporate a root vegetable that I am unfamiliar with, while trying a new Fall-y recipe! Parsnip and apple soup.
-Here's a different way to eat your kale! Tuscan kale salad!
-My new goal is to try to make sauces more often. They really liven up any meal. Chimmichurri sauce seems like a good starting place!
-This is the fate of the tofu I have in the fridge. Baked tofu!
-Because you can never have too much dessert in you life! Lavender creme brule! Oh my goodness!
-More tasty apple treats! And this one is for lazy people. Very appropriate for this post! Lazy girl apple crisp.
-I love naan. Enough said.
-This looks like something different, but worth a try. Plus, I sure need a way to sneak more veggies into my diet! There's a veggie in my cheesecake. Raw dessert!

Holy cow, that was a lot of food lovin'! Did you guys survive it, or are you in a yummy food coma? I realize these posts aren't as exciting without pics and all, but I did warn you about my current state of laziness!

I think it's time for a divine bite of chocolate and a movie!

Oh, before I go...have you entered my Larabar giveaway yet? You have until this Sunday to enter, and because I have so many cases of Larabars to get rid of you have a darn good chance of winning! Sooo...enter now! It's easy, I promise!

Night all!


  1. Thanks for the link love! Cute blog, and I love the list of great recipes!