Friday, September 17, 2010

Pigs Crunch Apples

Happy Friday everyone! Isn't it a great feeling? Knowing that the weekend is just around the corner?!
Yesterday was a pretty good day for me, so I thought I'd let you know how it all went down. I started off the morning (well, my morning, on baker's hours, which means about 1pm) with a foodie blogger favorite that I had never tried: OIAJ. Or oats in a jar as they are also known. I have oatmeal about half of the time for breakfast, but this time I made it in a mostly empty almond butter jar. I've been seeing this on other blogs for a long time now, and only just jumped on the bandwagon. It was so good, and a great way to use the last scrapin's  from the nut butter jar! Perfect for a misty, rainy morning. YUM!
As Ben and I were waking up and taking our morning stroll around the drippy yard a delivery truck came up the driveway with some packages for me! I knew Larabar was sending me some samples, but I was not prepared for this!
I can't believe it! So, now you know what my upcoming giveaway will be! You're just gonna have to wait for it though, cuz I need to taste all the flavors and come up with a review for you first! But, I have to say, after tasting one bar so far, I may have a hard time letting go of many of these! ;)
After the package excitement (which I went on about all day, much to Ben's dismay) we went down the hill in the rain to feed our pigs, Rufus and Dorothy. A friend had brought over a load of apples and pears that had fallen from his tree, and fruit is like candy for pigs! As you can see, the deer thought the apples were pretty good too, although we hadn't intended to host a buffet.
Uh, just a heads up...that is not my arm!

Dorothy gave the apples a sniff,
and started chowing down! She loved them.
Happy pig!
Rufus was pretty pleased as well.
 He gets so manic for food, and sugary things send him over the moon! His apples and pears were gone almost instantaneously! What a pig! hehe
The fruit had a lot of blemishes, but looked so Fall-y that I had to snap some pics.
It's a bad habit.
I love what all the rain is doing around our property. Little mushrooms
and big ones,
are popping up all over.
Everything is washed off and green.
So pretty!
Uh, and pretty damp! Guess who's gonna be smelling like wet dog!
When my Father-in-law came home from work he brought me ANOTHER package that he had picked up at the post office! Sa-weet! Two packages in one day! You'll have to wait for a full report on this as well, but here's a little teaser. Marx foods sent me some palm leaf plates, as well as a few other goodies! Can't wait to try all of it!
In the evening my MIL's cousin arrived from So-Cal for a visit, so we'll be enjoying her company for about a week. We didn't have much time with her, however, as Ben and I had to scoot off to work. Last night I officially started making Fall cookies, nice pumpkins and maple leaves that I'll be decorating tonight. I love working at a bakery! I just have so much fun! I'll be sure to snap some shots of my cookies tonight.

I am aware that you are all waiting to see what the exciting part of my day was, but that's it! That was the whole day. I'm just easily amused and excited. Rain, packages and a ravenous Rufus are all I need to make my day!
Here's to simplicity and being content! I'll just leave you with these pretty pictures of the misty islands. Have a good weekend!


  1. what a great blog!

    have a nice time!

  2. oh Rowie,your blogs are like chapters in a book i want to keep reading, and i so love your pigs!

  3. Aw, thanks guys! I think the Pigs love you too Jen!

  4. The pictures of the pigs are priceless! Living in the 'burbs, there aren't too many pigs left in our area. Looks like you did have a "wonderful" day. I can't wait to read your review on the Larabars