Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet Eden and New Moon Kitchen!

Hello bloggy friends! As you know, I have been reviewing food products every now and then. It's always great to learn about new products from a great company, but it's even more fun knowing about the people behind the food!

I had the opportunity to sample a wide selection of cookies, and a granola, from New Moon Kitchen! I also got to learn about Eden, the inspired entrepreneur behind these fabulous products! Considering that New Moon Kitchen products are available in health food stores across Canada, I thought you might want to know more about them, and the food they offer! Here's the info they sent me.

About New Moon Kitchen
New Moon Kitchen is an all-natural gourmet bakery that has been dedicated to making delicious and healthy baked goods since 1997. Hand-made with the finest ingredients their products and facilities are kosher in addition to being egg, wheat, dairy, peanut and nut free. They carry eight varieties of cookies along with cakes, breads and their own brand of granola. Products can be found at fine food and health stores across Canada, with plans of expansion across North America.

About Eden Hertzog
Eden is a young, socially conscious entrepreneur who started New Moon Kitchen in Toronto when she was only 20 years old. Fresh out of high-school and working at a local bakery Eden noticed a lack of healthy desert options for vegetarians. She used the bakery to experiment and create recipes and within the year New Moon Kitchen was born. In addition to being a successful business woman, Eden is also a folk/pop musician performing around Toronto.

When I first received these cookies in the mail I, of course, ripped open the box and started tasting and sharing with whoever was around me. About five or six friends tasted these cookies with me that day, and all of them were exclaiming over how tasty they were. All were surprised when I started reading the ingredient list to them, and let them know it was all vegan! You guys know that I'm pretty picky about that sort of stuff. I don't like to sacrifice texture and flavor for "healthy" food. People were definitely asking for seconds. So was I! Unfortunately, because they're at my house, I could help myself to seconds and thirds, double-fisting it around the house! Luckily these are as healthy as you can get as far as cookies are concerned.

There were so many flavors to taste, so I'll just tell you about my favorites. Lets start with the Ginger Snappers. These tasty little guys pack a big punch! Among the other great ingredients, they have lots of real ginger so they are nice and spicy! It caught me off guard at first, but soon became addictive! This is what a ginger snap should taste like, vegan or no!

My other main favorite is chocolate espresso Mokas cookies. These ones have a great balance of chocolatey goodness and organic fair-trade espresso, with just a hint of cinnamon. It's a good thing nobody else was around so see me wandering around the house and yard with a small stack of these, munching happily. So good!

I really liked the way the larger cookies were packaged, in little packets of two. This made them so handy to bring along wherever I happened to be going. Healthy treat on the ferry, anyone?

I enjoyed the granola too, but it may have been my least favorite item. It was reminiscent of granola I have tried to make at home, and the dried fruit seemed a bit hard and overdried to me, like it had been baked along with the grains instead of added afterwards. The granola was also a bit oily for me. Other than that, the ingredients were nothing to complain about, and the flavor was good. I liked it over plain yogurt.

Next time I head out to the health food store, which item will I be buying again? Probably a box of those spicy little snappers! Such a great flavor for the holidays!

I hope you guys check out New Moon Kitchen, and taste some of Eden's handiwork. I love finding new products, especially ones made right here in Canada! Just one more fun thing about these cookies. Each box has a cute little sticker on it saying "baker babe approved". I like the sound of that. I'm a baker babe, and I approve. Come on, baker babes out there, you'll approve too!

 I intend to put a few of those ginger snappers out for Santa. Seems like a good way to get on the Big Man's good side! ;) Hmm...I know what I'm having for dessert tonight!


  1. If only I lived in Canada...I love ginger cookies. :)

  2. These sound a look delish. I hope they start distributing in the US!

  3. I absolutely love love love the Ginger Snappers, never tried the Chocolate Momints though... Lovely post!


  4. I will be visiting my sister and brother in law in Canada for Christmas, definitely going to keep an eye out for those snaps!

  5. My granddaughter, who is a freshman in college, is now vegan. I hope that they start distribution in the U.S.

  6. These cookies sound like winners, especially the Ginger Snappers.

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